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Flyover Fest arrives in Columbus

A new festival will take over Ohio State’s campus and Clintonville this weekend to showcase the arts, film, literary and musical talent hailing from the Midwest. The Flyover Fest was inspired by other multi-genre arts festivals visited by Brett Gregory, editorial and marketing assistant for ...

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English course compares rock music to poetry

Used Kids is now located at 2500 Summit St.

Poetry isn’t only found in old books, it’s also broadcasted on the radio. A course offered by the Ohio State Department of English looks at alternative rock lyrics as poetry. Alternative Rock Lyrics as Poems will be offered in Spring 2017 as an upper-division level ...

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Student pens bittersweet pop tart comic

In middle school, Kate Isaacs, a fifth-year in English, and her friends would pass around notebooks. They would draw themselves facing various adventures and challenges — one being a villainous pop tart. The unpleasant pastry now has its own comic titled, “Melancholy Evil Poptart,” on ...

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