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CRIME BRIEFS: Student escapes from bikini grabber

Tuesday afternoon while a 20-year-old Ohio State student was walking between two apartment buildings on the 100 block of East Norwich Avenue, a man grabbed her bikini bottom and tried to pull her toward him. The student says she swiped at the man, breaking his grip, and began to yell. The man fled westbound before the student could call police.

Woman says argument led to gunfire

A 19-year-old woman said a man shot a gun at her after an argument at her North Fourth Street apartment on the morning of Sunday, June 21. Police found a shell casing in the courtyard outside the apartment, but they could not link the casing to the argument because there is no witness to corroborate the woman’s report.

Would-be robbers couldn’t get into car

A 26-year-old man says a group of men tried to rob him as he was walking from his High Street apartment to his car Sunday night. While he was walking to the parking lot behind his apartment, he noticed two men approaching him very quickly. Once he jumped into the car and locked the doors, the two men began shaking the car and telling him to roll the window down. When the man saw two or three other men approaching the car, he slowly backed out, even though the men were trying to block the way and were kicking the car. The man drove away unharmed, but says he thinks the men were trying to rob him.

Man mistakes burglar for maintenance worker

As a 22-year-old man was walking into his home on the 400 block of East 17th Avenue on Monday afternoon, he noticed a man exiting the back of the house. Because the man was dressed similarly to a maintenance worker, the resident did not confront him. When he upstairs to his bedroom, though, he discovered that his Xbox 360, video games and DVDs were missing. He went outside to try to find the man, but he was already gone. The resident discovered that the man entered the house by cutting a screen and opening a window.

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