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House party crashed by thirty men

Thirty men crashed a Euclid Avenue house party early Sunday morning and became violent and destructive when they were told to leave, one of the homes’ residents said. The 26-year-old resident said that at about 1:15 a.m., several SUVs and other cars pulled up to his residence, and about 30 men exited the vehicles. As they approached the house, some guests confronted them to ask who they knew at the party, but they apparently did not know anyone. Even though they were told to go away, the men went into the party anyway. A few minutes later an altercation ensued, and as the men were leaving, they threw large rocks at the house, breaking the kitchen window. One man picked up a grill and smashed another back window at the house before fleeing. The residence and partygoers did not record the vehicles’ license plate numbers. Biker cut off, assaulted by driver

A 19-year-old man reported he was assaulted while riding his bike on North High Street near 12th Avenue on Wednesday afternoon. He and a witness say that a driver repeatedly cut him off until he was forced into the curb and had to stop. Then the driver got out of his car and pushed the cyclist over before fleeing. The biker refused medical treatment, and the alleged assaulter was not arrested. Thieving couple con salesman

A car salesman at a Summit Street auto dealership says a couple conned him to steal his computer late Friday afternoon. He says a woman walked into the office of the dealership when a man who she came with called him outside to ask about a car. When the salesman walked outside, the man immediately walked away. At the same time the woman, who had been alone in the office, also left. The salesman went to the office and noticed that a laptop valued at $300 was missing. The couple fled in a dark foreign car. Intruder escapes with loot

Early last Tuesday morning, a 23-year-old North Fourth Street resident discovered a man inside his house who apparently entered through a window. The startled intruder ran out of the house, but the resident and his roommates discovered that one of their cars had been stolen, along with a coat, checkbook and a power tool.

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