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Navy reservist honored before Ohio State game

Ohio State commended Navy reservist Glenn Welling for his service before Saturday’s 31-27 victory over the Midshipmen at Ohio Stadium.

Welling, an OSU Extension educator, received a Bronze Star for his success in leading a battalion in Iraq. An opening game-record crowd of 105,092 was on hand to watch Welling’s part of the pre-game ceremonies.

“It was a humbling experience,” he said. “I had the privilege to serve with the finest young men and women in the United States Navy overseas in Iraq, doing what was described as the most difficult mission in Iraq. They did an exceptional job, and it was because of their success and their efforts that I was fortunate enough to be recognized.”

Welling said he appreciates the support that Ohio State has always backed him with.

“It shows so much class and patriotism by Ohio State University, not only to recognize the significance of the game, but the challenge that’s put forth to the other universities across the country, to do the same thing, to greet the other service academies with that same sense of respect and honor. I’ve always been proud to be a member of the Ohio State University faculty and staff.”

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