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Husted elected Ohio secretary of state

Before newly elected Rep. Steve Stivers gave his speech, Jon Husted, the new Ohio secretary of state, addressed the crowd.

Republican Husted will hold a seat on the state board that will redraw legislative districts. Husted has the power to redraw the districts to benefit his party for future elections.

“It’s been a long campaign,” he said, “The longest job interview I’ve ever had.”

Husted beat Democrat Maryellen O’Shaughnessy after his campaign was found last week making false claims about O’Shaughnessy in a political advertisement.

“I promise you the 2012 election will be run with honor and integrity,” he said.

O’Shaughnessy recognized that the voters have spoken.

“There is a place in our American political discourse for a loyal opposition,” she said.

Husted was serving his first term in the Ohio Senate and served four years as speaker of the Ohio House beginning in 2005.

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