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Purse ready for all situations

I wish I were Mary Poppins. She not only had her own sense of style and personality, but she also had the most incredible purse. Inside the purse she had everything from lamps to medicine. I almost have a similar purse. Certainly, I have people in my life who have jokes about me having the biggest purse on the planet, but it has come in handy multiple times.

You cut your finger? No problem. I have Band-Aids that are different sizes and Neosporin. You need a scarf to go with your outfit? I probably have three in my purse right now. You need some tea to help your cough? I have three to choose from. Yes, I have all of those things, as well as Tylenol for your headache and a sewing kit in case you split your pants.

However, all these things did not prepare me for a week of ridiculous news. My big sister was mad that people were raising money and telling people the world was going to end on her birthday on Saturday, but far more disturbing to me was the preoccupation of whom the President of the United States was having over to the White House.

Common, according to my friend Lisa, is the hottest man on the planet. If I could get him to come to my house, I would.

The president allows for Common to come over, and there is a commotion. There was so much ruckus Bill O’Reilly decided to have a debate with Jon Stewart about it on his show to discuss the issue. (Of course, Jon Stewart held it down.)

This is the sort of thing that really upsets me. Instead of focusing on real issues like reforming education or the debt of our nation, this is what we are focusing our time on?

But for the sake of argument, my friend Vincent made some really good points this past week. He mentioned that in 1991, Eazy-E was invited to the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s “Salute to the Commander in Chief” luncheon, which was held at the White House. It also featured a speech that was given by President George H. W. Bush, and more than 1,400 Republicans were in attendance.

Common is not a gangsta rapper. He is definitely a poet and thinker and talented artist. I cannot wrap my mind around people like Ozzy Osbourne, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and others who have written and said things that were politically charged at various times in recent history of the United States. There is a history of contested people being at the White House, but why does it matter so much today? Can we not see the recent past and realize that it is not a big deal?

Plus, we all know that Eazy-E was invited because he had money and influence in communities that the Republicans could not get to. This is how politics works. Now, it is possible that the Obamas like Common as an artist, but they are entitled to entertain whomever they want for whatever reasons they choose. That is the luxury of being the President of the United States.

I think the next question from people reading this would be what do I have in my purse that goes with this situation?

Well, I would pull out two things to cover issues from this past week.

One would be a Bible for all the crazies who thought the world was going to end and tell them if they were going to be Christians at least read the text and know what they are talking about. Then I would take out Common’s CDs. It will be the only disc I play all week in my car.

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