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Dr Pepper’s new low-calorie drink for men could be highly-offensive to women

In a world where only women drink diet soda, men long for a masculine low-calorie drink they can call their own.

Enter Dr Pepper Ten, the first low-calorie soft drink to be aimed at men while aggressively excluding women. Sold in a gunmetal gray can decorated with bullets, Dr Pepper Ten contains less sugar and even less room for women in the drink’s new aggressive marketing campaign.

The campaign is fully laid out on Dr Pepper’s Facebook page and is, on the whole, fairly ridiculous, though that does tend to work well with today’s consumers (See: Geico, Old Spice). The extra content through the Dr Pepper Ten Facebook application includes the ten “Man’Ments,” videos aimed at being macho, and a shooting gallery where you shoot girly things like lipstick and high heels.

And by “you,” of course, I do not mean me, because along with the rest of the girls, I cannot access this application. Instead I’m instructed to check out the Dr Pepper website for “something more your speed.”

Diet drinks may be embraced by women on a larger scale, but fears of obesity are not. On the whole, regular soda drinks have declined in sales in recent years, so it only makes sense to put more focus on healthier caffeinated options. Since Dr Pepper’s market research has shown that men shy away from diet drinks, this is the result.

Some question whether an “It’s Not For Women” campaign is smart. It is certainly a possibility that women (and maybe men, too) consider this ad sexist and perhaps boycott all Dr Pepper drinks. Is it a good move to forbid half the market from engaging in what are sure to be some fun times on the virtual anti-female shooting range?

Jim Trebilcock, executive vice president of marketing for Dr Pepper, says no. “Women get the joke,” he said to the Associated Press, adding that this is simply a way to get people talking about the product.

No word yet on how “being a man” includes using deadly weapons to shoot inanimate feminine items.


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