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Office of Student Life to manage Gateway apartments

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The South Campus Gateway apartments will no longer be run by Campus Partners. The operation will instead be transferred to the Office of Student Life.

Ohio State currently owns the apartments and Campus Partners operates the area. But now the Office of Student Life, more specifically, University Residences and Dining Services will be taking over management. Campus Partners is an organization that works with the city of Columbus, surrounding neighborhoods, community organizations and the university. Their main purpose is to maintain partnerships with stakeholders and approach neighborhood renewal and improvements, according to its website.

Toni Greenslade-Smith, the director of housing administration in the Office of Student Life, said that the purpose of the transfer is to eliminate inefficiencies that currently exist between the two groups, Campus Partners and URDS.

“We are running two housing operations, Campus Partners is leasing and we are leasing; they’re taking care of billing and we are taking care of billing. The change will be more efficient and the cost of rent will stay the same,” Greenslade-Smith said.

Currently, 250 students live in the Gateway Apartments, according to Greenslade-Smith.

“South Campus Gateway isn’t renewing any leases with current residents, but current residents will be given the first option to renew for 2012-2013 with University Residences and Dining Services,” Greenslade-Smith said.

In an email sent to current residents Monday, Campus Partners asked any renewing resident to send information and interest to Greenslade-Smith so they can be included in the renewing process.

Greenslade-Smith said she hopes the change between operators will be transparent and merely a transfer of logistics.

“We are going to do our best to make the transition as seamless as possible,” Greenslade-Smith said.

An email notification of the transfer was sent to residents. In the email, president of Campus Partners Doug Aschenbach said, “The goal will be to continue to offer high quality housing, along with the services of the Office of Student Life.”

Jenny Ruffolo, a second-year in business, said she doesn’t think the operational change will affect her, but isn’t confident.

“I don’t know everything about it yet. Maybe I’ll find out more about the changes soon. The email didn’t explain much,” Ruffolo said.

Ruffolo said she likes living in the Gateway Apartments, but she has not decided if she will live there next year.

Faiza Quadri, a fourth-year in biology, said that the email was unexpected and she is nervous to see what will change.

“I’m not sure what will happen, but I did like how it wasn’t part of (URDS) before,” Quadri said.

Aschenbach also reassured residents that Gateway will be providing the same service and management it is currently providing.

The Office of Student Life and URDS will be taking over the operation on Aug. 1, 2012.

The details of the operation have not been finalized and will be decided over the next few months, Greenslade-Smith said.

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