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Waffle House’s ‘Good Food Fast’ moves onto campus

A Waffle House is opening a new location on Ohio State’s campus.

The well-known 24/7 breakfast restaurant will be opening its new eatery on 1712 North High St. next to Newport Music Hall.

Kelly Thrasher, a spokeswoman for Waffle House, said in an email that they are looking forward to opening a location on campus.

“We are excited to bring Waffle House to the Ohio State campus,” Thrasher said in the email. “Students and faculty at our other college campus locations have been very excited about the addition of Waffle House.”

Thrasher said there was no set timeline for construction, or an opening date.

Although the opening may be far off, some students on campus are looking forward to opening day.

Tyler Olds, a second-year in sport and leisure studies, said he likes the concept of a 24/7 breakfast option on campus.

“I’ve only been to a Waffle House once, but being open late is always good for a business on a college campus because students are always out late,” Olds said. “Being on High Street gives it even more of a chance for success.”

Kenny Green, a graduate student studying applied economics, agreed that it would be a good addition to campus.

“Waffle House is convenient after a night of drinking,” Green said.

Waffle House is usually known for its rural locations, but Thrasher said this is one of many to open on college campuses.

“Our locations are not limited to rural areas. We have a number of locations in city areas and neighborhoods as well,” Thrasher said in an email. “Additionally, in the past few years, Waffle House has opened many restaurants on college campuses. It has been a good fit for us.”

Waffle House has made a name for itself by being open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Olds said that these types of hours bode well with college students who tend to both stay up and sleep in later.

Students will be able to stop in anytime for some “smothered” or “covered” hashbrowns and, of course, waffles. Waffle House also has a dinner menu for customers that don’t enjoy breakfast for dinner meals.

Stephen Fabrisi, a fourth-year in city and regional planning, was a bit more skeptical of the new Waffle House.

“Variety is awesome but it could be a disaster after 2:30 when the bars close,” Fabrisi said. “I expect it to be really packed and things could get out of hand.”

Right around the corner from where the new Waffle House will be is Eggfast, a breakfast restaurant on OSU’s campus that has become a recent hit with students thanks to its delivery system.

Beau Foshee, vice president of operations and field support at Eggfast, is not worried about the future Waffle House opening so close.

“We never endeavor to set ourselves apart from any other breakfast establishment because our content is unique in a sense that we offer delivery, which Waffle House will not,” Foshee said. “We do a large portion of our business in delivery so we don’t feel that Waffle House will have a terrible impact on our ability to have a successful business.”

Thrasher again emphasized the excitement of the new diner.

“Waffle House plans to bring ‘Good Food Fast & Friendly’ to the students and faculty of OSU,” Thrasher said.

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