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Senior VP for outreach leaves Ohio State

Courtesy of Joyce Beatty

Joyce Beatty, senior vice president for outreach and engagement at Ohio State, will be leaving her position to pursue her campaign for public office.

Beatty is running for the Democratic nomination for the 3rd Congressional District in Franklin County in the House of Representatives.

Beatty was a former state representative and served in the House of Representatives from 1999 to 2008. After her time in public office, she came to OSU.

After three years at OSU, Beatty is leaving her $336,000 salary to focus her full attention on her new campaign.

Beatty said she does not plan on returning to OSU if she loses either the primary or general election.

President E. Gordon Gee said he supports Beatty’s decision.

“I applaud her decision to run for Congress,” said Gee in a email to colleagues on Tuesday. “(She is) a passionate, driven and thoughtful colleague. I have no doubt she will bring those same talents to bear in all that she pursues on behalf of Ohio.”

Gee said in the email that her campaign will be time-consuming.

“Because our efforts in outreach and engagement are so critical and require the full measure of a senior leader’s time,” Gee said, “she will be leaving the university.”

Mayor Michael B. Coleman is also supporting Beatty with his endorsement. Coleman said Beatty is a “visionary leader at every stage of her career.”

Beatty said she was “pleased and humbled” by Coleman’s endorsement, and looked forward to working with the mayor to help Columbus continue thriving, according to an article by The Columbus Dispatch.

Beatty will be leaving OSU on Jan. 31.

Beatty did not immediately return a request for comment Tuesday evening.

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