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Band to breathe life into Columbus crowds

Courtesy of MEENO

Two guys from Denver and a little Garageband can go a long way. Kyle Even and David Schmitt of Breathe Carolina can attest to that.

Breathe Carolina is scheduled to perform alongside The Ready Set as part of the Blackout Forever Tour at 6 p.m. Thursday at Newport Music Hall.

The two produced their first album using the computer program Garageband. Currently, Even and Schmitt are working on their fourth studio album.

The duo’s sound ranges. Though it is mainly focused in electro-pop, a hardcore edge is incorporated into many of Breathe Carolina’s songs with Even’s screaming.

“The genre just kind of became itself,” Even said. “We had no idea that we were going to kind of start something new in terms of something that we (never) thought we could write or create.”

Even described Breathe Carolina’s genre as “indie-club rock,” and said his influences include White Zombie, Metallica, Something Corporate and Jurassic 5, among others.

“You know it’s weird – pretty much any genre that you can think of, we have a part that will fit inside of it,” Even said. “It’s all about finding a song that fits your personality.”

Even said he is looking forward to performing in Columbus.

“Playing Columbus, we’ve made a lot of friends over the years, and it’s nice for us to go back and see who comes out,” Even said. “We always have such a good time there, so it should be rowdy.”

Mark Pritt, a fifth-year in biochemistry and philosophy, said he has been wanting to see Breathe Carolina since its last stop in Columbus.

“They were one of the first bands in the string of a lot of bands to have that kind of sound,” Pritt said. “(It’s) definitely very high-energy pop music.”

Breathe Carolina’s variation is what Marley Mosbacher, a second-year in zoology, said she enjoys about the band. Mosbacher has seen Breathe Carolina live three times.

“I would describe it as dance screamo,” Mosbacher said. “I liked that they were able to combine two types of music that most people weren’t able to put together. It’s a weird mix of music, but they’re really good at what they do.”

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