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Web tease: ‘Saturday Night Live’ stars speak live from Ohio State

Alexis Preskar / Lantern photographer

It might have only been the middle of the week, but Wednesday, Ohio State got an early taste of Saturday night.

John Mulaney and Vanessa Bayer, from “Saturday Night Live” visited OSU’s campus to showcase their live stand-up routines in the Ohio Union Performance Hall. About 525 tickets were released, said Fontine Baptiste, Ohio Union Activities Board comedy chair, and about 400 students were in attendance.

OUAB sponsored the event.

Mulaney kicked off his act with an OSU theme by informing the audience he was staying at The Blackwell.

“It’s probably where your parents stay when they come here – it has that vibe,” Mulaney said. “I walked out into the hallway because I was done with my plates of food, so I was like, ‘I’ll throw these in the hallway.’ I was in my boxers, because you know how I do, and this woman came out of her room. She asked, ‘Are you a student here?’ and I was like, ‘No.'”

Mulaney, however, regrets his response.

“I should have said ‘yes’ because what a great student that would be,” Mulaney said. “Some eccentric millionaire student who lives at the hotel and eats room service everyday.”

In addition to acts from Mulaney and Bayer, Comedy Central’s Sheng Wang also performed stand-up at the event, much to the surprise of those in attendance.

One of the highlights of the night for Ephraim Ungar, a second-year in English and history, was the interaction each act had with the audience.

“I thought it was hilarious,” Ungar said. “They interacted with the audience and made me laugh. They had me in stitches long after the joke was done. It is so hard to tell (my favorite act). I was just laughing so hard.”

Along with his stand-up featured on the Comedy Central special “John Mulaney: New in Town,” Mulaney has been a writer for “Saturday Night Live” since 2008. He earned recognition as the creator and writer of Stefon, a hip night-life correspondent played by Bill Hader during the “Weekend Update” segment, as well as his own occasional appearances on the show.

Bayer, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, is a relative newcomer to the “Saturday Night Live” staff. Joining the cast as a feature player in September 2010, Bayer has impersonated celebrities such as Hillary Clinton, Miley Cyrus and Kourtney Kardashian.

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