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Commentary: Superstorm Sandy postpones some bits of prime time, but with good reason

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The one thing I want to do to round out my Mondays is watch NBC’s “The Voice” while in the warmth of my Snuggie.

After trudging through the rain and cold wind Monday night, courtesy of Superstorm Sandy, I was looking forward to tuning in to my weekly fix more than ever.

Due to the storm, CBS and the CW decided to postpone new episodes of their weekly shows that evening until next week, which included CBS’ 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. time slot of “How I Met Your Mother,” “Partners,” “Mike and Molly,” “2 Broke Girls” and the CW’s 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. time slot of “Gossip Girl” and “90210.” But I didn’t care.

I usually DVR “How I Met Your Mother,” and I can wait one more week to find out how Ted met his wife – after all, I have been waiting seven years already. And I stopped watching “Gossip Girl” after its second season.

Unlike CBS and the CW, NBC and ABC kept to their regularly scheduled shows in their 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. time slots, so “The Voice,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “Castle” and “Revolution” aired at their normal times.

Of those, I only care about “The Voice.” And last week I lost an hour of the show due to the airing of the third presidential debate, so finding the show’s airtime wasn’t stolen away for a second week in a row was quite pleasing.

Watching TV is somewhat of a way for me to escape reality. But even though I was expecting to be able to watch one of my favorite shows Monday, it wasn’t enough to escape the news I’d been reading all day about the expected damages and destruction to come from Sandy.

I wanted to forget all that by watching “The Voice.” However, I underestimated Sandy as she hit a little too close to home, not even allowing me to use TV as an outlet for escaping her.
My house lost power. I couldn’t watch “The Voice” after all.

In a dark room without Wi-Fi, my only form of entertainment was refreshing my Twitter feed, which housed loads of unfortunate news about Sandy.

Now I’m thinking that CBS and the CW made the right choice.

There are lots of people who are having a hard time. Sandy triggered floods, devastation and fires. People are dying from her – the death toll in the U.S. climbed to about 40 Tuesday, according to multiple sources.

If I was able to watch “The Voice” for those two hours, I probably wouldn’t care or hear about the devastation fellow Americans on the East Coast are going through.

However, we should always pay attention to people in danger, whether we know them or not. That’s one way to show respect to them.

Even though I got my power back, I don’t plan to watch entertainment shows in the coming nights. If I can’t find news coverage or something related to Sandy on TV, I will probably opt for refreshing my Twitter feed again, checking in on whether everyone is safe and reparations are being made. That’s where our concerns should be in this time – not how Ted met his wife.

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