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Women’s fashion: Creatively costume yourself with clothing in your closet for Halloween

Courtesy of Lauren Clark

Coming up with costume ideas can be difficult if you’re looking to be a bit more creative than the average student. Buying an expensive costume made of cheap materials is not a worthwhile purchase. Try to find something that can be made using clothing you have in your closet or with minimal necessities.

Audrey Hepburn: Her classic role in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is a perfect costume for a girly night out with your friends. An elegant little black dress is easy to come by and the extras can be bought at a local thrift store or even Target. All you’ll need are some black pumps, pearls and a cigarette holder to top it all off. (If you can get some black elbow-length gloves, you’ll really kick it up a notch.)

A loofah: There’s no doubt that you’ll be one of the only loofahs in the room. While pulling it together takes a bit of work, it’s affordable and sure to be an instant hit. You’ll need a solid-colored tube top dress and lots of matching tulle from a local fabric store. Fold the tulle over and sew it onto the dress in the shape of a sphere. Finally, complete the look with a loop of rope to hang the loofah from the shower.

“Despicable Me” minion: These little yellow guys were definitely the stars of the 2010 animated movie. It’s super easy to transform yourself into one, too. All you’ll need is a long-sleeved yellow shirt, blue overalls and round glasses (lab goggles will also work well). To complete your character, watch the movie a few times to get the language down.

The Lollipop Guild: Grab some friends and channel your inner child with these munchkins from the “Wizard of Oz.” You’ll need a plaid shirt, denim shorts and some suspenders (which can be bought at a thrift store). Top the look off with knee-high socks, a high ponytail and really rosy cheeks. Don’t forget a giant lollipop!

Where’s Waldo: This classic character is extremely easy to pull off and everyone is sure to recognize who you are. All you need is a pair of jeans, a red and white striped shirt and a red and white beanie. If you want to really complete the look, snag Waldo’s signature walking stick, too.

Halloween costumes shouldn’t be over-the-top expensive. You can make a creative and fun costume just by taking a peek into your closet and maybe digging through some racks at your local thrift shop. Don’t worry about how sexy you look, it’s more important to be yourself and feel comfortable all night long.

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