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The Network connects Ohio State student organizations

Courtesy of the Ohio Union

The way student groups function on Ohio State’s campus might be seeing some big changes.
With more than 1,000 registered student organizations on OSU’s campus, an emerging student organization has found a way to connect them all. The Network formed as a way to unite various student groups through philanthropy, diversity and awareness.
Kyle Strickland, a fourth-year in political science, said he decided to create The Network in order to streamline the process for students sifting through active student organizations on campus and to find a way for these organizations to collaborate with others who have similar initiatives and goals.
Co-founder, Bilal Bajwa, a third-year in microbiology, emphasized The Network’s goal of mobilizing student organizations and “taking OSU to the next level.”
“The Network doesn’t necessarily have its personal agenda. The only objective we have is to help new or even old student organizations do even better in the future,” Bajwa said. “Our leadership team is here to help the delegates and the constituents of The Network organizations that come in on a weekly basis.”
More than 100 student leaders attended the club’s kickoff event last month, about 65 student organizations have signed up to register and 43 have completed registration, Bajwa said. Strickland and Bajwa are looking to expand this number through a “networking effect.”
The group plans to have weekly meetings where students can connect with each other, voice concerns or talk about upcoming events so they don’t clash with others.
Registered student organizations can work with the club in philanthropy, diversity or awareness on a semester-to-semester basis. Organizations are not required to pay to be a part of The Network, Bajwa said.
Bajwa said this division of categories was an effort to “get student organizations in the same room according to what their interest is” for a particular semester.
Mary Noakes, a third-year in dietetics, said that her student group, the Art of Living Club, joined The Network because it seemed like an opportunity to meet students from other student organizations and to create awareness about their own club.
“I think it’s really amazing. I think campus is going to a lot better of a place now that all these student groups can be connected with each other and just meet different people from other cultures and other perspectives,” she said.
Although he is graduating this year, Strickland said he is confident about The Network’s path for the future.
“We’re going to revolutionize the way student organizations collaborate on this campus,” he said. “We’re hoping to really improve the experience for Ohio State students.”

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