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Women’s fashion: Sweatpants not sole Finals Week option

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Everyone knows that Finals Week is the perfect excuse to walk to class in sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt. But every fashionista knows this is not the most flattering silhouette for the female form. Don’t worry ­- I’m not suggesting giving up your comfy clothes altogether. But here are some ways you can be cute and cozy all week long without giving up on style.

Stay sleek in a jacket: Track jackets are a stylish alternative to the average full-zip sweatshirt. While it might take you a while to find the perfect one, these jackets are great for outdoor and indoor activities. Throw the jacket on over a comfy T-shirt for easy transitions going into and out of buildings on campus. These jackets also tend to have tons of hidden pockets perfect for storing an extra pen and some gum or snacks to keep your stress levels at bay. You can find track jackets at multiple locations, including Target. These usually cost about $25. LuluLemon also has some great crops and track jackets, but they’re super pricey, coming in around $100.

Be brave in a boatneck: Boatneck tops basically have a wide enough neckline that allows them to be worn as an off-the-shoulder or a basic T-shirt. Boatneck tops now come in super soft fleece sweatshirts that make for the ultimate Finals Week must-have. These tops have a narrow neckline that extends from each shoulder. With a warm and cozy inside and stylish design on the outside, this top is sure to flatter everyone. On a particularly breezy day, wear this sweatshirt over a basic tank top and channel your inner ’80s. If you’re looking for something a little more 21st century, wear the boatneck by itself underneath a jean jacket. GapFit is a great brand for boatneck tops, and these cost around $30.

Love long sleeves: If you plan on being an early bird at the library, you won’t want to be caught dead in a fleece sweatshirt by 3 p.m. – especially if the day’s high temperature is more than 75 degrees. Instead of reaching for an oversized sweatshirt, opt for a basic long-sleeved T-shirt. Unisex T-shirts are comfortable and can look absolutely adorable in an “I look good in everything” sort of way. The size will keep you warm and cozy in the morning and the cotton material will be breathable in the afternoon. 

Keep it cool with crops: Cropped yoga pants and leggings are the easiest way to get figure-flattering style without the discomfort of denim or linen. Spandex waistbands let these bottoms to sit comfortably on the hips allowing you to breathe easy all week. The cropped length – usually mid-calf – is perfect for walking to the William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library in the warm sunshine and transitioning to the cool, air-conditioned interior. Look for pants with a fold-over waistband for your own custom rise. Victoria’s Secret Sport has awesome cropped leggings for around $60.

Invest in some running shorts: Cheerleading shorts can sometimes be uncomfortable or unflattering because of the inseam, cut or even waistband. Running shorts are a quick fix to your short-short problem. With a longer inseam and looser fit, these bottoms will keep you cool and covered all day long. Most of these shorts also have higher rise waistbands that help to suck everything in and give you a flattering waistline under any tank top or T-shirt. Nike is a great running shorts brand. You can find pairs for around $30 online.

Perhaps the most unflattering part of any Finals Week outfit is dull colors. Look for bright colors to pair with a basic black bottom. You can even go for an all-over pattern if you’re sick of solid color. No matter how you mix and match, just make sure to keep it cohesive. 

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