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Young kid practicing for 1st date reminded of proper etiquette, need to say ‘I love you’

Inspiration is spontaneous and often found in the least expected places.
Some of the best wisdom I’ve ever read was written on the wall of a bathroom stall. And, just the other day, I saw one of the best date ideas I’ve seen by a young kid on his first date.

I’d just ordered my drink when the young boy, in a dress coat over his suit, and his date hurriedly stepped in from the inclement weather (after all, it is Ohio). He had held the door for her. He continued his good start when he took her coat and helped her into a booth, though she may have gestured for him to do so.
It was curiously obvious that this was the first official date for an impressively odd couple.
They sat at a table catercorner to my own, with only the boy facing me. There was a low, steady din from all the activity at other tables, so their conversation was indiscernible to me. However, I could see that he was nodding with a closed-smile for much of the evening – I could see that he was listening. Sincerely.
When their food arrived, he followed her lead and put his napkin in his lap; his etiquette was rehearsed and irreproachable.
When the bill came, he knew his role. Around this time I heard nature’s call; as I passed by their table, I heard her say, “Well, I think you’re ready. I love you.”
With five words that likely cannot be said too often, he replied.
“I love you too, Grandma.”

Their practice date had been a success.
Even if we no longer need the practice, I imagine many among us still have grandparents, parents and so on, who could use a date. Even if it’s only to tell them our own five words. 

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