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Columbus author Hillary Craig publishes second book, ‘Rekindled,’ based on own experiences


Hillary Craig sits on a turtle statue. Craig’s newest novel, ‘Rekindled,’ is now available in stores.
Credit: Courtesy of Hillary Craig

The past will always come back.

That’s the theme of Columbus author Hillary Craig’s new novel, “Rekindled,” which was published in June.
The main character of the book, Abra Ryan, goes back to work for the first time since her daughters were born and her family moved. She knows it will be hard, but she doesn’t expect it to be as difficult as it is — especially when a woman from her past reappears and will do anything to take her family away from her.

“Overall, it’s about this couple that has to hire a nanny, and it turns out it’s someone from Blaine — (Abra’s) husband’s — past. It’s kind of ‘The Hand That Rocks the Cradle’ meets ‘Fatal Attraction,’” Craig said.

The novel is based on her own experiences and those of the people around her, Craig said.

“Ideas just came through my challenges and other people’s challenges,” Craig said. “The husband in the story is a firefighter, and my husband is a firefighter. I incorporated problems I have when he goes out.”

“Rekindled” is Craig’s second novel, though she calls her first published work, “A Dream Come True,” “more of a novella.” The work is about 74 pages long, and it follows the story of childhood friends who reunite their senior year of high school and fall in love. Her new novel is a switch from young adult romance to a romance-suspense novel targeted at adults.

While Craig admits her novel might be most relatable to women with children, as the woman in the story is a mom, she said it can be relatable to anyone.

“It’s a page-turner that keeps you reading,” she said. “It’s for students who want to kick back and relax after reading so many textbooks. It’s a nice, relaxing, easy read. I think (students) can relate to wanting to be in multiple places at once.”

Some of the people who previewed the book agree. Craig’s sister-in-law, Marcie Craig, says she enjoyed the book.

“It was neat to see the story unfold. It’s got a love story, some jealousy and sneakiness all around the main story,” Craig said.

She says the book is just one step toward Craig’s greater dream of becoming a big-time author.

“This is the second book she’s written. I can see her doing great things with this,” Craig said. Lora Hunkus, Hillary Craig’s brother’s mother-in-law, said while the first chapter was slow, it quickly got good.

“I didn’t want to put it down,” Hunkus said. “I like the storyline and I like the ending. I thought it was a good read and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a little drama and mystery.”

Hillary Craig moved to Columbus with her husband, Andrew, after she graduated from Kent State University. She said she thinks Columbus is a lot more inspiring for her than Kent was.

“Columbus is so much bigger and there’s so much more to do — it really opened up my imagination,” Hillary Craig said. “I’m planning my next novel and I think the setting will be in Columbus.”

“Rekindled” is available on Amazon, the Book Loft and Createspace, her publisher’s website. Hillary Craig also has an upcoming event at the Book Loft in Columbus, but there is not a date set yet.

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