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New apartment complex near Ohio State’s campus to offer more amenities

Construction on Norwich Flats continues on Jan. 22. The new apartment complex, which will be located at 250 W. Norwich Ave., is set to open in July. Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editor

Construction on Norwich Flats continues Jan. 22. The new apartment complex being constructed at 250 W. Norwich Ave. is set to open in July.
Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editor

Ohio State students looking to up their standards for housing will soon have a new option to consider.

Located just northeast of Varsity Club on West Norwich Avenue, Norwich Flats is one of several off-campus housing complexes that are currently under construction. The fully furnished complex is slated to boast a myriad of amenities, including a fitness center, computer lab, covered parking, a group study room and a lounge area.

Construction on the Edwards Communities project, which began in fall 2013, is still underway and is set to conclude in July 2014. The complex is set to open for residents in August, with one- to four-person rooms ranging from $1050 to $775 per month per person, respectively, said Nate Rivard, the regional vice president of Edwards Communities.

Student interest so far has been high, Rivard said.

“It’s been incredible. Lots of OSU students have contacted us via email, phone, Facebook,” Rivard said. “The location is perfect for business students, engineers and architects.”

Rivard was unable to provide the cost of the project.

Like Norwich Flats, the View on High is another close-to-campus housing project currently under construction. Tom Heilman, owner of Hometeam Properties Management — the company behind The View on High — said these large complexes are a reflection of OSU’s continual growth: there is an increased need for off-campus housing.

“We (Hometeam Properties) welcome Norwich Flats,” Heilman said. “The more quality housing, the better, the higher the bar is set … (larger complexes) just work. They provide value by building up, by providing a certain seamlessness. More and more students are willing to pay for this quality.”

Josh Delozier, a second-year in electrical engineering and a current resident on Norwich, said he agrees that the additional cost of the complexes could be justified by their amenities. He added that the people-oriented nature of both the Flats and the View on High would be an added bonus.

“When I lived in a dorm, it was fun to always have people around,” Delozier said. “When you move out, you kind of miss that.”

Tony Mollica, the general manager of the Varsity Club, said he looks upon the new complex favorably.

“Each new restaurant and building brings in more people,” Mollica said. “We’ve had things built up around us for years … the more students in the area, the better business will be.”

Heilman said overall, building new housing is about giving students options.

“Some people are concerned about pricing, we’re concerned about value,” he said. “(They) pay more for the safety, the amenities, the location … but you can’t make everyone happy.”

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