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Letter to the editor: Ohio State students acting like 1st graders complaining about winter weather

Letter to the editor:

As I browse the postings of my fellow students on Facebook and Twitter I can’t help but ask myself a seemingly simple question. Are we college students or first graders? Last I checked college students are a group made up of mostly young adults seeking to better prepare themselves for the future. First graders are young children lacking much personal sensibility who rely on others for their survival and are keen to whine about nearly anything.

In the past month our wonderful university here in Columbus has experienced a phenomenon common to the area known as winter. Winter is a time of cold and snow which, as student body made up mostly of Ohioans, we should be rather familiar with. However as I scroll through the vast expanse of social media and make my morning trip to class it appears as though some of us were dropped onto a foreign planet totally unprepared. Minimalist running shoes and a light cotton hoodie, three-fourths length leggings along with fuzzy moccasin footwear, or a fancy brand name fleece meant for a cool autumn day without so much as a hat as an accessory. I smirk and continue along my way in my boots, pants, and sensible winter coat. I was at work plowing this same snow until 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. I grew up in the Northeast Ohio snow belt where driving through 10 inches of new snow on my dead end street to get to school was a common occurrence. I along with many others have come prepared.

Some students seem content to blame the conditions on the university and complain that classes are even in session at all. Many will choose to spend a day flipping through their Netflix queue rather than braving the “treacherous” walk to the classes they pay thousands of dollars to attend. Understanding our stature as empowered young adults striving for independence our university officials have bid us the challenge of surviving days like this snowy first Wednesday of February. However they have not let us attempt it alone. Thousands of dollars and countless man hours poured onto these streets and sidewalks Tuesday night. Except for some plow tailings and random low traffic areas with lingering snow most sidewalks are clear and barely even wet.

I find it worrisome that we are attempting to get an edge on the world through education yet some of us can’t even master a basic winter commute. Perhaps this should make me feel better about my own position in the world.

Prepared for life.

When Mother Nature makes it difficult for us to safely traverse campus with bitter cold conditions, as has happened three times this semester, the officials of our university will ensure our safety and cancel classes. A bit of light snow is not one of those times. Welcome to Ohio, it snows here; buy some proper winter attire, allow a bit of extra time to get to class, and tough it out with the rest of us. Are you a college student or a first grader?


Mitch Andrews
4th year in welding engineering


  1. Bit of an oversimplification of the issue, but in the general, you’re right.

  2. The side walks were icy. Dangerous for commuters and people not on campus.

  3. Did you tip your fedora to those ignoramuses that you witnessed on campus, oh enlightened one?

  4. As an alum from many many years ago, I had to smile reading this letter and the social media buzz that prompted it.

    As a student, I don’t remember EVER not going to class because of cold weather. The only time I recall classes being cancelled was during the riots related to the Kent State shootings. And yes, we had snow and cold and ice. It just was not given a fancy name like polar vortex.

    My BIG one point of contention with this letter, however, is the comparison with first graders. When I was of that age, my brothers and my friends loved the snow and cold. Thus I might have used a different scenario to make the point.

  5. This guy… isn’t Mitch just charming? I think this post was more about him trying to fulfill “I’m better than all the people I go to school with blah blah blah” feeling. In fact, Ohio has not seen this bad of winter in years. Did you know that snow, ice, and cold weather can cause people to lose power too? Creates accidents on highways and busy streets that can be easily avoided? Yes, we can prepare, but only as much as we are capable. Many teachers cancelled class today due to the fact that they drive here and conditions were bad enough that they couldn’t make it. Are you claiming you are better than the teachers too, Mitch?

  6. While I agree with you mostly, it’s worth noting that while you list the good conditions on campus you neglect to mention the abominable conditions of roads & sidewalks off-campus. Olentangy River Road hadn’t been plowed by 6:00 PM today, and the crosswalks on High & Lane are so covered in slush on them that cars can’t adequately see them nor safely slow down for pedestrians. People should be going to class & shouldn’t act like children, but there are legitimate complaints that people could have.

  7. Yes, winter comes and goes every single year. We know that. Thank you for bestowing such great knowledge upon us, though. I feel like I have been lost up until now. However, we are also on pace for a record-setting winter. They’ve been tracking snow accumulation since the 19th century in Ohio. We are within a few average snowfalls of surpassing all the record for snow fall in an entire winter. The record for snow fall in January was broken too, by the way. Also, when was the last time it has been so cold for an extended period of time?

    I’m not complaining about going to class because I don’t mind the cold, nor do I mind walking through snow. I know what I signed up for coming to college at a large university in the Midwest. But there is no reason to act like an arrogant prick. For every bit “you feel better about your own position in the world” because you can walk through snow, you are also less prepared because you are an insufferable asshole no one will want to be around.

    I’m sure everyone enjoyed your lecture.

  8. The cold weather lately has not just been your average winter. It’s been some of the lowest temperatures in years…

    Also, I think you’re forgetting about students that commute to Ohio State. Not everyone has a vehicle equipped to drive in the snow, and no one should put their life or any one else’s life at risk for a 55 minute course.

    I had class at 8 am this morning, which I went to. Many, many of campus walkways and sidewalks were very icy and I slipped and sprained my ankle.

    Keep in mind that people at this university come from states other than Ohio and are not as prepared for the cold weather as others. This isn’t an “average Ohio winter” and students have a right to be concerned about their safety. And no one is blaming the crews who work to clear snow.

  9. I’m not mad that there was class. I am mad that OSU claimed to have the sidewalks cleared properly. If you have been inside all day, let me tell you that they were not.

    If you don’t think you can effectively keep campus clear and safe, then just say so. But don’t lie about it on social media and in emails and claim everything is hunky-dory.

  10. Mitch: Do you watch the news at all? This was a Level 2 WEATHER EMERGENCY in FRANKLIN county (which is the county that OSU resides in). Many businesses (including government offices) were closed. While maybe in your ‘real world” the parking lots and sidewalks were clear, in reality most parking lots were NOT cleared and were barely accessable. The sidewalks around my building (I am staff) were not even TOUCHED at 8:30 am. It was unconscionable and dangerous for OSU to keep the campus open.

  11. Great job urging fellow students to grow a pair. Just wait til you wean off your parents (most of u around 30 or so) and actually have to go to work everyday in cold and snowy weather. Oh no!! The humanity!!

  12. While you were busy walking through the clear sidewalks (in Florida?), I was completely stuck in a campus parking lot. You’re the one who needs to grow up.

  13. I think some people are taking this a smidge too offensively, remember that whole freedom of speech thing? Yeah, about that, Mitch is just exercising it. Anyways, as another Northeast Ohioan and as young adult in the work world I assure you little Buckeyes that post college snow days are a mystical rarity similar to that of Big Foot or a unicorn so might as well start learning to cope. Did I complain about winter conditions in college? Most definitely. Do I complain about them now? DUH! But I knew and still know where to point blame, which in your time at such a highly lauded university you will hopefully learn.

    Moral of the story, don’t be bitter about winter, your college years are far too short! Strap on your boots and kick winters butt! Use the walk to campus as an added workout. Make a pong table out of snow and create awesome memories with your friends. Throw snowballs at unsuspecting friends (no aiming for the head, that’s just not cool). Recreate Brutus via snowman form and post it all over social media (maybe you’ll make the website!). Take the negative and turn it into a positive, THAT is something hiring managers look for, not finger pointers and tattle tales.

  14. Everyone commenting about how “terrible” the roads were outside will soon have the realization of becoming an adult. I have never had a “snow day” for bad weather. It’s called responsibility and being an adult. If you don’t want to go to school/work, then don’t. There is a reason why some people succeed and others are mediocre. It is all about the amount of effort that someone chooses to put in.

  15. I graduated in 2012 and I think I had 2 days off due to weather. One in 2009, it took 45 minutes to walk from Stradley Hall to 7-11. It’s part of growing up. Leave early! I fell on the ice plenty of times, was cold. Layer up, put some boots on and go! If you are proud of being from Ohio, winter weather shouldn’t bother you. Come on!

  16. All hail this card carrying badass

  17. Hate to break it to ya

    In the real world, your job is not “cancelled” due to icy roads. The side walks and parking lots of your employers will be in horrible condition. You will show up to work on time and slog through that parking lot or be fired. Grow up.

  18. MitchesWestCoastFriend

    Just take a few shots before class that will surely warm you up. Thats what we do on the West Coast… at the one UC thats apparently a party school…

  19. Honestly i think this is the most condescending and douchey article I’ve ever had to read. The roads and sidewalks were not clear, I understand the point that the author is making but did you have to be such a self-loving prick about it?

  20. i agree, its pretty simple just dont go if youre gonna cry about it. rats

  21. From a first grader still in love with the cold conditions…who grew up in Montana, has been posted in Wyoming, Northern Nevada, Utah, and Idaho … it seems that we here in the “lower 48” have it easy.

    Check into Univ. Alaska, Fairbanks … No more complaining.

    I also observe unwise young students misjudging conditions and it has not changed …going on 30 years now.

    Just ignore the excuses and eventually the kids get it and grow up a bit…

  22. Some people don’t have vehicles equipped for snow? What a joke. My co-worker drives a Honda civic and his driveway is an icy incline up to the road, and he arrives at work long before plows are capable of polishing off these roads, parks and exits a parking lot that is NEVER plowed, all with the same ease as I and my full-sized 4×4 truck. Cry, little babies, it’s what your generation does best. We will continue to watch you complain that harder-working foreigners are taking all of the scholarships and jobs.

  23. Hilarity in the morning

    This guy’s writing style is hilarious…use cliches much?

    Hey cranky guy are you a college student or a grumpy old man?

    Your condescending tone is obnoxious.

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