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Ohio State USG candidates 2014: Josh Ahart and Jen Tripi

Josh Ahart (right) and Jen Tripi are running for OSU USG president and vice president, respectively. Credit: Ritika Shah / Asst. photo editor

Josh Ahart (right) and Jen Tripi are running for OSU USG president and vice president, respectively.
Credit: Ritika Shah / Asst. photo editor

Undergraduate Student Government candidates Josh Ahart and Jen Tripi said they hope Ohio State students consider experience when voting for the next USG president and vice president this week.

“Experience is one of the big things. You have to have institutional knowledge to run this organization not only internally, but externally,” said Ahart, a fourth-year in public affairs.

Ahart is currently the USG vice president, and has served as USG senator in multiple positions, the senate slate coordinator for USG President Taylor Stepp and the budget and finance chair.

Ahart’s runningmate Tripi, a third-year in psychology, said she thinks Ahart’s experience is a major advantage.

“I see (running with the incumbent vice president) as an absolute advantage because of Josh’s experiences. He has done incredible work with USG and he has created the relationships with faculty, staff, students,” Tripi said.

Tripi, too, brings USG experience to the table. She has served as deputy director for the health and safety committee for two consecutive years, is a member of the allocutions committee and served as a senator for social and behavioral sciences this year.

Both candidates said knowledge they’ve gathered from their involvement sets them apart from the other five campaigns.

“Josh and I both have the experience that certainly gives us the tools to lead this organization and be leaders of the student body. Josh, of course, is the current vice president of USG and I am the only vice presidential candidate that has senate experience, so I’ve learned, as a part of that system, how to be able to run the general assembly next year,” Tripi said. The USG vice president is tasked with running the general assembly.

Ahart listed his top three concerns as safety, affordability and overall student wellness.

“USG should be a representation of Ohio State,” Ahart said. “That’s why we’re running.”

Ahart and Tripi also aim to increase handicapped access to campus buildings, expand the Campus Area Bus Service options and work to prevent price increases for campus dining meal plans.

Ahart said they created their platform by listening to student opinions from all across the university.

“We’ve made ourselves more available every year, but it’s never enough until you get the opinions of all students. You can’t have 50,000 people in an office obviously, but if you’re proactive about hearing students’ input, that’s what’s gonna get you there. And like I said, our campaign is a representation of that,” Ahart said.

Stepp said Ahart has done a good job of soliciting feedback.

“Josh is really great at working with student organizations on an individual basis … Josh really took it to the next level. He created an online funding system for organizations to apply online instead of reaching out to a (USG) senator,” Stepp said.

The Ahart-Tripi campaign was recently accused of falsifying campaign expense reports by three of the opposing campaigns. The website “voteceliaandleah.com,” which includes the names of an opposing campaign, was registered in the name of the Ahart-Tripi campaign manager, though the campaign had not reported the expense. The USG judicial panel, though, reached a unanimous decision that the team had not committed a violation. The opposing campaigns who had brought the complaint forward – Celia Wright and Leah Lacure; Vytas Aukstuolis and Nick Macek; and Mohamd Mohamad and Sean Crowe – said they were not planning to appeal.

Ahart said students should vote for their campaign for several reasons beyond their experience.

“We have the institutional knowledge, we have a plan, and all of our policy points are definitely feasible … The platform that we have was created by students, not us,” Ahart said.

There are six campaign teams running: Ahart and Tripi; Aukstuolis and Macek; Ryan Hedrick and Nicole Spaetzel; Mohamad and Crowe; Andrew Warnecke and Logan Recker; and Wright and Lacure.

Voting is open online Monday through Wednesday.


Editor’s note: The campaigns were listed in alphabetical order by presidential candidates’ last names.


  1. Isn’t this the team that stole the Jeni’s logo?

  2. ^Wow, two degrees of theft

  3. Generally speaking, the most practical way to make college more affordable is to graduate in 4 years or less. That is something way easier to implement than lowering this or that. Maybe we should have better programs in place to have more undergraduates graduate on time? As someone who didn’t have the luxury of receiving a scholarship, this has been a priority in my career. I understand that Josh Ahart has the land grant scholarship, but if you’ve pretty much stuck to your degree path, isn’t it time to just graduate?

  4. He’s staying a fifth year just to be president and will attend on the university’s dime. It’s just like real life politics.

  5. Land Grant covers four years, not five. But, if he wins he still gets a stipend through USG. But I don’t think that covers school.

  6. Andrew Warnecke

    Josh and Jen’s platform wasn’t created by students- it was handed down to the campaign from Josh and his campaign managers

  7. Celia and Leah say they’re running a clean campaign but they’re the dirtiest one in five years.

  8. I got an email from the Josh and Jen camp. If Josh and Jen is the only campaign that has access to the emails, it would put the other candidates at a disadvantage. USG really is a microcosm of the American political system.

  9. #Warnecke/Recker2014

  10. vote goat

  11. Josh couldn’t be the furthest thing from what I want as USG president. Using next year as a resume builder in the real world. You are eligible to graduate, so graduate. Shady campaign strategies and an embarrassing track record in USG are not how you want to leave Ohio State.

  12. Interesting that after the domain controversy, Celia and Leah’s campaign website is down the moment voting is available… Nice cheap shady campaign tactic Ahart. You’ll see more of the same from him in USG if elected.

  13. Celia has run the dirtiest campaign in USG. If you’re really running an honest campaign, do you have to continually tell everyone you are running an honest campaign? Just because you say it all the time doesn’t make it true.

  14. josh had to stay another year to finish his major, would have been at the university a 5th year regardless

  15. the same kid who made celia’s site made 3 other websites that went down every year of voting….

  16. We need Andrew Warnecke

  17. Josh Ahart, at his core, is a racist, homophobic bigot. Most people just don’t interact with him on that level.

  18. If Celia has run a dirty campaign, please tell me how.

  19. As someone completely unaffiliated with usg I think ita hilarious reading these comments. You keep saying Celia is running some dirty campaign. What does that mean? If you don’t provide details it just sounds petty. Every year it’s this same old stuff.

  20. If you are reading these commments, please calibrate their credibility with the fact that not a single commenter has linked to a website or profile, and very few have even put a name next to their claims of dirty campaigns, etc.

  21. You people sound ignorant trying to comment on these elections without providing details/further information supporting your claims. Do a little research before you make yourself sound like a bigger idiot than you already are.

  22. Vote Josh & Jen!
    *~They can make all of your wildest dreams come true~*

    The statement above is not approved by the Josh & Jen campaign. Purchase is not required. See website for details. Vote responsibly.


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