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Fashion: Colored skinnies, solid headbands help wardrobe go back to basics

Quite a few of my previous fashion columns have given ideas for putting together outfits, but those are useless if you don’t have versatile pieces that can be transformed into whatever look you’re going for. Some of these are basic pieces, and others are standouts that really help pull an ensemble together. Read on for my spring must-haves to double your closet’s outfit capabilities.

Colored skinnies

Whether you only want to invest in a basic color, like olive, or are willing to stock up on the entire rainbow, these are an important staple for any closet. Not only do they perfectly transcend the awkward period between day and nightwear, but they’re also perfect for both casual and more formal outfits. While oxblood and forest green were popular winter colors, brighten up your wardrobe with a springier selection of pale pink or a muted mint.

Black slip-ons

Trade in those plastic flip flops for a pair of black canvas sneakers to make any outfit instantly look more put together. Black goes with absolutely everything, so there’s no chance of wearing a mismatched outfit with these. If you want to invest in a pair of TOMS or Keds, go for it, but nameless sneakers from Target or Forever 21 work just as well.

A button-up blouse

One of these in a sheer fabric easily takes you from cooler to warmer temperatures without a problem. Though a solid color is easier to incorporate into outfits, printed blouses can easily add more personality to whatever you’re wearing. These are often available in a variety of sleeve lengths, but my top pick is long-sleeved — not only can you leave the sleeves down for a more formal vibe, but you can just as easily roll them up to give off a laid-back feel as well. You also have the option to leave the entire blouse unbuttoned and use it as a cardigan. This is easily one of my favorite pieces to wear, and I can’t wait to buy more.

Solid headbands

Some days you just don’t feel like messing with tangled locks, and headbands are the perfect remedy that make that messy bun on top of your head look a smidge more intentional. You can make your own with folded bandanas, purchase head-wraps to tie on or slide on a simple sporty band in less than five minutes and call it a day. This is especially useful as the days get hotter — you’ll be able to keep your hair off of the back of your neck and out of your face to stay as cool as you possibly can.

Adding these essential pieces to your wardrobe — or investing in more if you already have a collection started — can make assembling an outfit so much easier and a lot less time-consuming. You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations, but on less adventurous days you now have an easy fallback with these classics.

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