Dear freshmen,

I hadn’t realized what I wanted to do before I came to Ohio State University. Life is filled with pressure, expectancies, judgments, opinions and sometimes failure in one or more of those categories. With your entire life ahead of you, how are you suppose to choose one direction? If anyone is indecisive, it’s me. I’ve taken 10 minutes just to decide what kind of bread I want at the grocery store before and I took nearly four years of college to decide what I wanted out of life.

From day one, involvement was crucial. I couldn’t make the mistake of ending up with the wrong decision of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I dove into everything. When something didn’t keep my interest anymore, it was dropped and something new replaced it. Still to this day, my last few hours as a college student, I am finding more that OSU has to offer that I wasn’t previously aware of. It’s amazing where one step could take you in a place like this. There were many times that I put myself in the position of being the minority, dancing a dance that I had no clue about, talking to complete strangers and enjoying the way their eyes lit up and signing up for activities and experiences that I never would have seen myself taking part in before.

Years of that could literally leave you breathless. Each experience holds the potential to mold your interests and possibly even who you are. Now may just be the time to let yourself fall in love with something that you never knew existed, no matter what your major is.

So what did I gain? Four years of the best yet adventure of my life. Four years of exploring hundreds of different angles that the world has to offer. Four years of finding out exactly who I am and what I crave out of life. So I challenge you to do the same. Enjoy every possible moment, expand your comfort zone by doing what scares you and take advantage of the fact that you are exactly where you need to be in order to find and build your future.