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Action Item lives the ‘American dream’

Action Item pose for press photo. Credit: Courtesy of Persona PR

Action Item pose for press photo.
Credit: Courtesy of Persona PR

They might be unsigned and often take second billing, but New Jersey pop group Action Item is no stranger to the big stage. They’ve opened for the likes of Justin Bieber, and this week, they roll into Columbus as support for MKTO’s “American Dream.”

They’ve also been busy recording new material, and their smooth vocals and catchy pop sound are also infused into their latest release “Great Mission: Life.”

Action Item began with four best friends including Anthony Li and Brian Cag (both singers and guitarists), bassist David Buczkowski and drummer Dan Brozek.

“We had been really life-long friends for pretty much our entire lives,” Cag said. “When we started we were just a garage band playing cover songs. We didn’t really know what we wanted to do.”

The members of Action Item may have started as childhood best friends who weren’t sure where they were going but have now traveled the world opening for acts like Hot Chelle Rae, Gym Class Heroes, We The Kings, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber according to Cag and their official website. Action Item’s experience as opening acts for such big names helped them gain coverage and insight into the music world.

Likewise, Cag said they’ve taken inspiration from giant in the modern music world.

“I mean we’re always inspired by the past and present,” Cag said. “I think as a general consensus we all love Chris Martin and Coldplay. They always reinvent themselves and continue keeping up with the time and keeping it fresh.”

Action Item’s initial sound was fresh and infectious teen pop but has since evolved with their recent albums.

“We’ve started to rebrand the band and take a new direction with it,” Cag said. “With change comes a new crowd and new people. It’s pretty freeing. It’s nice to make something and not have to cater to people.”

“Great Mission: Life” has been the first of three EPs Action Item will be releasing this next year which will then culminate in their first full length album “Great Mission”, according to the band’s official website. “Great Mission: Life” was released July 1 with four songs and the fan response to the band’s latest work has been incredibly positive, said Cag.

“We’re getting a lot of good feedback about it and it’s starting to spread word of mouth,” he said. “It’s a record we wanted to make for ourselves and it really just reflects the kind of music we like and listen to.”

After the “American Dream” tour with MKTO finishes, Action Item plans to continue work on their “Great Mission” album. The most important thing fans should know about Action Item is their love for their fans and desire to make a personal connection, said Cag.

“We love love love meeting our fans and I think that’s one of the most important things to us,” Cag said. “It’s (that) personal connection at the shows.”

Action Item performs as an opening act for MTKO 6:30 p.m. on Saturday at the Newport. Tickets are $24.85 and available through Ticketmaster.com.

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