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Opinion: Obsession with butts detracts from women’s more important assets

There are boob guys, and then there are butt guys.

That’s how a male friend of mine once decided to simplify the sex habits of the more testosterone-heavy side of the human species.

If pop culture — as a concept and entity — was classified as more inherently feminine or masculine based off my friend’s definition, it would be checking off the male box on the form.

Here’s why — in pop culture, there is boob time, and there is butt time.

As I write this in October 2014 — despite it being the month notorious for guys to sport their “Save the ta-tas” or “I love boobies” apparel and have it be somewhat acceptable as long as there is a pink ribbon somewhere — it is butt time, according to Mr. Pop Culture.

It’s not the male actors, athletes or singers making this declaration, though. It’s Meghan Trainor singing “Boys like a little more booty to hold at night” in her chart-topper “All About That Bass.” It’s Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea rubbing their posteriors upon each other in J-Lo’s music video to “Booty.” It’s Nicki Minaj eloquently declaring at the end of her latest single “Anaconda”: “I wanna see all the big fat a– b—— in the motherf—— club, f— you if you skinny b——.”

So, although it is the masculine mindset (the evil “patriarchy”) laying the groundwork of objectifying women to two prominent body parts, as of right now — weirdly enough — it is actually the women who are sort of being a–holes about it (all puns intended).

It’s not an entirely new revelation that we, as women, are often prone to pitting ourselves against our own gender. On the playground, while the boys are settling fights physically, girls are concocting the best combination of five words to tear Sally-with-the-stupid-haircut down.

What’s a little twisted, though, is women fighting the man for equal rights and respect, then offing each other with every baby step that is made toward busting the glass ceiling. It’s as if for every stride the Romans made in defeating the Macedonian Army in 197 B.C., Titus threw a rock at one of his own men for good measure.

“Butt time” is the most recent example. Much progress has recently been made in the entertainment industry’s portrayal of females in “real” shapes and sizes. Fashion magazines and beauty campaigns have now recognized that being “bigger” is a natural female form and not always a choice or an output of bad health habits.

Now, for some reason, we — as women — have taken it upon ourselves to say which kind of bigger is better, as if we are able to control the predisposition of our own bodies. Little in the middle but got much back? Correct. Ample bosom? Wrong.

Equality and preference are not mutually exclusive, and before we ask for respect from men, we need to respect ourselves and each other.

The lifeblood of the field of accounting is in this equation: assets = liabilities + equity. Simply stated, the worth of any thriving entity is the combination of its responsibilities and what has been invested in it.

Ladies, it isn’t just our a—- that make us valuable assets.



  1. How much more absurd could The Lantern possibly get? This is an “Opinion” piece, but written by an established author of The Lantern (who’s written about local entertainment, the band drama, Columbus events, etc). Seriously… how…

  2. hmmm is this title a pun?

  3. Are you kidding me? Is this uweekly? The lantern has turned to complete crap this year. Word to the wise: when you finally get people who don’t suck, don’t let them graduate. Apparently this is what you’re left with.

  4. Honestly, men do not judge their attraction to woman based on any one body part. A “boob man” or “ass man” simply typically find that part of the female body the most alluring. Although I find it rather insulting that some people think men should feel guilty about their physical attraction to women. Only stupid men don’t realize that there is more to women than just physical beauty and attributes.

  5. lolololololololololololololololol. u’re a student but this is… baaaaaaaad. like, really bad. as in… “do u have editors?” bad.

  6. Having been a staff writer for The Lantern for part of my time in college, I have to say that I’m beyond embarrassed that this was written and published.

  7. Somewhere JLo and Iggy are mad at The Lantern because keeping it on their assets helps everyone forget they don’t have real talent!!! No one in this article is considered talented so naturally the booty gimmicks work in the desperate media!!!

  8. Who approved of this posting? This is an embarrassment.

  9. How does Dan Caterinicchia still have a job?

  10. why so much hate on this article? i really don’t see the issue with it.

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