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Letter to the editor: Ohio State students shouldn’t chant over University of Michigan Marching Band

OSU fans participate in a cheer during a game against Michigan on Nov. 29 at Ohio Stadium.  Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editor

OSU fans participate in a cheer during a game against Michigan on Nov. 29 at Ohio Stadium.
Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editor

Letter to the editor:

I am writing to express my disgust for Block “O” initiating the O-H-I-O chant every time the University of Michigan Marching Band took the field at the recent Ohio State-Michigan game. Ohio State fans cannot proclaim themselves to be “the best fans in the land” if this continues to happen. I enjoy hating on the University of Michigan as much as the next OSU fan, but this is too much. The U of M band spends the time and money to attend this game, and we effectively throw all of that away by making noise during both their pregame and halftime show performances. Ohio State fans need to show the U of M band the same respect they would show any other visiting team’s band. 

Rather than drowning out Michigan’s band, Block “O” should devote more time to perfecting card stunts. I, and others around me, could barely make out the one card stunt Block “O” South attempted during the game. Look at old photos: card stunts at OSU used to look like billboards in the stands. Block “O” needs return to that caliber! Or, how about rallying students to beat Michigan in the annual Blood Battle. The announcer at the recent game stated that OSU has only beat Michigan twice (including this year) since 2008. If the members of Block “O” would rather get drunk and yell, then perhaps Block “O” should not be the largest student organization of the university. 

There is no sense in acting like yelling will show that our band is better than Michigan’s when we already know that we have THE best damn band in the land. Let’s show we really are “the best fans in the land” and beat Michigan fans by performing epic cards stunts and outclassing them. Go Bucks!

Andy Prechtel 

B.S. in agriculture, class of 2013  



  1. ...Pedro Gonzalez

    Totally agree, very disrespectful.

  2. Starting the chant was juvenile. Participating was rude. It’s hard work and each school,every student-musician, and every band director, deserves to be treated with respect.

  3. The Michigan Band played at inappropriate times throughout the afternoon including playing their fight song during our Alma Mater after the game. On addition their performance at the half was, well, not good and that is being kind. The fans have a right to entertain themselves if the band refuses to do so. If you don’t like the O-H-I-O chant, don’t participate, but there is nothing disrespectful about cheering in our own stadium.

  4. Really? C’mon man.

  5. I didn’t even realize michigan’s band was there….

  6. You know who else put in time and work to perform? The Michigan football team. Are we supposed to not chant against them as well? Is the band excused for playing their fight song during Carmen? Andy, you seem to misunderstand how little effort it takes to get stadium O-H-I-O going. Diverting effort from it certainly wouldn’t affect performance of card stunts or the blood battle. In short; get over it.


  8. First of all, if the rest of the fans in attendance did not want to participate in the chant, they didn’t have to. Most of the stadium did participate in it so idk why you’re saying it was the students. Secondly, I’m not sure if you forgot your glasses, but block o did 1 card stunt the entire game. https://twitter.com/osublocko/status/538832577553895424

    That link is to a picture of the card stunt, if you couldn’t tell what that is I am sad you somehow were able to get a degree from OSU

  9. Who cares what an ag alum thinks?

  10. 1. I wonder what an ag alum thinks he’s going to accomplish by writing a letter to the editor complaining about students.

    2. If you don’t like the cheer, don’t participate.

    3. Ohio Stadium is not intimidating for noon games, so any and all efforts to faze the band or team should be encouraged.

    4. Michigan’s band played at inappropriate times.

    5. You don’t go here.

    6. Don’t come back for a game if you don’t like the atmosphere.

    7. The card stunts were clearly an M with the line crossed out, as well as a Block “O”. Maybe you should get your eyes checked if you can afford it with your ag degree.

  11. He probably couldn’t tell what the stunt was, because HE was drunk

  12. Michigan’s band played the fight song twice during Carmen Ohio after the game. I’m a senior who had the extreme misfortune of sitting directly behind them during the entire game. My last Carmen in Ohio Stadium as a student was ruined because their band decided to be rude. Spare me your disgust..

  13. If there was a way to cheer loud enough that no one could read this I would do it, despite the “time and effort” you put into it.

    Would you like to know why? (of course you do)


  14. As a TBDBITL member, I can say without a doubt nothing of value was lost.


  15. Who do you think you are?

    First of all, nobody pays that much attention to the card stunts so you can gtfo. Also, block “O” doesn’t even like performing them. We don’t give a damn for the WHOLE state of *Ichigan and that includes their band so if you have a problem with that and care about their money and time then go ahead and move there (you can afford a decent house in detriot with that ag degree).

  16. Cheering against their band is EXACTLY the same thing as cheering against their football team. What an incredibly stupid argument by the author.

  17. Lol have you been to a game in Ann Arbor? The Michigan students boo the entire time our band plays. All a part of the rivalry.

  18. It’s tough for me to disagree with the author’s point of view. For me it comes from the standpoint that I would hate to see our own band treated this way.

  19. Cheering during the UoM Band performance was crass and tasteless. These kids are not our football opponents, they are a Band that simply tries their best to perform. Certainly TBDBITL showed the gulf in quality between the two bands, but a lot of folk in the stands would have preferred to hear both bands, rather than uncouth jeering. As to their playing over Carmen – bad, I agree, but surely not,deliberate. The UoM Band has no similar post game ritual, so I am sure they just don’t appreciate that we do. Finally, the fact that TBDBITL gets treated so badly in Ann Arbor, is every reason to show them how classy fans down here do behave, rather than stoop to the level of their fans.

  20. On them playing at inappropriate times, that’s a fair point, but that’s on their directing staff, not the band itself. They were just following orders. At least they were allowed to play in support of their team as opposed to TBDBITL not being allowed to play during time-outs in favor of loud canned music to which the crowd does not respond.
    UofM’s band worked extremely hard to put a patriotic show on the field for Ohio Stadium. Why a patriotic show? Because you can’t boo America. TBDBITL did the same for the Michigan game last year. Yeah, their fans booed us during the Dotting-of-the-i during script, but that part is the fun of the rivalry. They did not boo or cheer during our half-time show commemorating the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg. They were at least that respectful. I would expect Buckeye fans to extend them the same courtesy. Yeah, hate them if you want because it’s Michigan, but at least be respectful of a band that practiced a respectful show for you. Save the boos and cheers for the actual game.

  21. Andy,
    did you really expect much support from the student body? Have you ever been to a game at the ” their ” stadium. C’mon

  22. Yes, it was rude to cheer during the band’s performance. Some of these comments easily demonstrate how and why most OSU students have the reading levels and social skills of high school juniors. Even trashing an alumni and saying that they don’t have a right to an opinion about their school? Wow. Enjoy living and working in the place you grew up in because you have absolutely no perspective on how the world works. It’ll chew most of you up, so please stay put.

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