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Ohio State brings in YouTuber to educate on ‘best sex ever’

When asked before her show Tuesday night if there’s anything that she’s uncomfortable talking about, sex education activist Laci Green paused, pursed her lips and said “not really.”

“Masturbation changed my life,” Green told the audience of the Archie Griffin Ballroom in the Ohio Union, while slides of female and male genitalia were displayed behind her.

Green is best known for her YouTube channel where she hosts “Sex Plus,” which she describes as “a frank video series about sexuality.” As of Wednesday evening, the channel had more than 1.3 million subscribers.

As decreed by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The Office of Student Life Multicultural Center and Student Wellness Center brought Green and her presentation, titled “Best Sex Ever,” to campus as part of their Sexual Assault Awareness Week.

“I think one of the most insidious problems is a lot of bad attitudes about sexual violence,” Green told The Lantern in an interview before her show. “There’s a lot of victim blaming, asking what they were wearing, how drunk they were, how late it was, just asking all the wrong questions.”

Green spent the majority of her presentation focusing on sexuality, however.

“Sexual violence isn’t fun, but sex is a completely different thing,” Green said before the show. “We should be empowered with information so we can stay safe and healthy while indulging.”

As students waited in line, organizers passed out condoms, blindfolds that said “Consent is sexy” and stickers and pins with the “GYT” (Get Yourself Tested) logo.

“(Laci Green) is pretty much everything great in one person: She’s a feminist, she’s sex positive, body positive, an ally for LGBT,” said Michelle Vieira, a fourth-year in painting and drawing, while waiting. “She’s awesome.”

Green began her presentation with an in-depth analysis of genitalia anatomy. She said porn can give unrealistic expectations of labia and penis size, how G-spot stimulation sometimes make people feel like they have to pee, claimed that the clitoris is “the most underrated body part ever” and said that some enjoy prostate stimulation.

The next portion of her presentation was debunking myths about the severity of STDs, noting that they — like most diseases and infections — can be treated fairly easily.

The final portion was focused on what constitutes giving consent. Green had audience members read off cards that were scattered throughout the mostly full ballroom.

“Oh, that feels so good,” was an example of consent, while “I don’t really like this” and not saying anything at all were examples that meant consent was not given.

Knowledge about how the body works, how to use protection and how to ask for consent is the key to the best sex ever, Green concluded.

“Honestly, I think it filled in a lot of gaps that people have when they come to college,” said Sarah Congleton, a fifth-year in business, after the show. “They don’t learn about this stuff in middle school or high school — especially the part of just human physiology. It definitely opened my eyes.”

As people filtered out of the ballroom, The Lonely Island’s “I Just Had Sex” played.


  1. I’m pretty sure that the university fired its band director less than a year ago over a “sexualized culture”. So how the hell do they justify endorsing, promoting and/or even just hosting an event like this? It’s as if inappropriate discussions are suddenly appropriate as long as they’re wash across a pro-gay/anti-rape backdrop.

  2. I suppose that this is ok and doesn’t create a “sexualized culture” because it was a woman that was speaking? Meanwhile the male band director is fired for something that happened off campus at a non-band function? I certainly hope that the Judge that is reviewing his case is aware of this, since gender discrimination is one of the points of the case. Imagine what would have happened if the band director showed photos of genitalia and told students that STD’s were ok because they’re easy to treat. Oh, and “that feels good” is consent, because a drunk/drugged female has NEVER said that at some point?

  3. Ohio State sponsoring this lecture is further proof that administrators are both evil AND stupid. I hope they gave all of their marching band director candidates priority seating.

  4. I’m always embarrassed to be affiliated with this university when I read people’s comments on this site.

  5. (To an old Beatles tune) “All you need is consent (wa-wa-wawawaaa), all you need is consent (wa-wa-wawawaaa), all you need is consent, consent, consent, consent is all you need.” Love need not be a component of “the best sex ever.” How infantile!

  6. What is wrong with OSU alumni?

    If you can’t tell the difference between a specific, labeled presentation on sex positivity and education, at which attendance is voluntary, and harassment, hazing, and an inappropriate environment for learning and performing, then how good WAS your college education?

  7. It is somewhat hypocritical and ironic that a university that doesn’t want to be associated with a band director who says similar things, will have a guest speaker talking about it. They only want to be open-minded towards certain topics and people.

  8. Hey What’s Wrong…..MY education was just fine, thank you. It enables me to understand that there was NO hazing, harassment or an inappropriate environment in the OSUMB (gee, even CONFIRMED by the Montgomery Report) AND that inviting a woman onto campus to tell students that having sex like rabbits is just fine and dandy because constant sex is good and you can always take pills to cure your multiple STD’s seems a little more than inappropriate.
    I have enough brains to do research and not just believe any BS put forward by the university. If you are SO concerned about sexual harassment and assaults, maybe YOU could ask the university why the reports the DOE had were handwritten, largely illegible and in no way proved that the complaints were ever followed up on. Yet, the DOE dropped their “investigation” because of the firing of the band director? When NONE of those noted complaints came from the band?
    What kind of education did YOU have?

  9. I congratulate OSU for allowing this presentation by Laci Green. Knowledge is power & sexual knowledge needs to be taught while younger to empower both men & women.

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