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High Street changes continue

Johnny Go’s House O' Music, located at 1900 N. High St., closed during Winter Break. Credit: Michael Huson | Campus Editor

Johnny Go’s House O’ Music, located at 1900 N. High St., closed during Winter Break. Credit: Michael Huson | Campus Editor

Students walking along North High Street might miss the familiar sound of music blaring from the speakers outside Johnny Go’s House O’ Music upon returning to campus this week.

The record store, located at 1900 N. High St., joined a growing number of High Street businesses that have recently closed their doors, including the neighboring stores Clothing Underground and Bernie’s Bagels and Deli.

Businesses north of Johnny Go’s on High Street, between East 16th and East 17th avenues, that are still open include Neighborhood Design Center, Charley’s Philly Steaks, Chumley’s bar and Huntington Bank, on the corner of High Street and East 17th Avenue.

Johnny Go’s was registered by owner John Petric 25 years ago, according to Ohio state business records, before a sign reading “Goin’ out of business” was strung in the doorway just before the new year.

This block is part of a larger nine-acre development project area bordered by High Street on the west, East 17th Avenue on the north, East 14th Avenue on the south and the 14th, 15th and 16th avenues’ corridors east of High Street.

University Area Commission and the University Area Review Board approved the Campus Partners’ rezoning proposal in May, Campus Partners President Amanda Hoffsis told The Lantern.

Hoffsis said Campus Partners views the development project to be an investment into the infrastructure and could benefit nearby businesses with included plans to improve area lighting, street networks, parking and walking areas along Pearl Street.

“It creates a lot of benefits to the community at large from a public infrastructure perspective,” she said.

Property owner Edwards Communities has submitted a development proposal for a six-story, mixed-use building to the University Area Review Board.

The included plans outline a block-long property between East 16th and East 17th avenues, which would include a ground level of retail space, topped by five floors designated for apartments.

The plans show a total of 170 apartments, housing 445 beds. Apartments range from studio and one-bedroom to four-bedroom spaces.

Hoffsis said zoning restrictions were put in place to restrict the height of proposed buildings.

“This is the one area of our rezoning where residential is a big component,” she said. “The rest of the space, there’s not going to be a lot of residential included, so that was anticipated from the zoning, so that is something we understood and agree with it.”

The project would also contain two courtyards and an underground parking area with 171 spaces. The northwest corner of the building, the approximate location of the current Huntington Bank, has been designated as bank space, according to the plans.

Plans also show retail fronts facing East 17th Avenue and Pearl Street. Hoffsis added that businesses facing Pearl Street, as well as increased activity, could increase safety on the street.

The University Area Review Board is set to review the plans during a Jan. 21 meeting.

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  1. So no mention of what the owner of Johnny Go’s will be pursuing (or not) since the eminent domain take over? The Lantern makes the mention of the business and owner but no three source interview for the article? What’s the point of this article but a free advertisement for Campus Partners?

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