This March, the Fisher College of Business will celebrate its 100th birthday. Credit: Sam Harris | For The Lantern

This March, the Fisher College of Business will celebrate its 100th birthday. Credit: Sam Harris | For The Lantern

Boasting a top 20 ranking as a public undergraduate business school and catering to 6,093 full-time students, the Max M. Fisher College of Business has grown since its founding as the College of Commerce and Journalism in 1916. And on March 7, Fisher will have a new milestone to add to its list of accomplishments — 100 years in business education.

“Throughout the past century, our students, alumni, faculty, staff, friends and partners have made innumerable contributions to the practice of business, establishing The Ohio State University as a destination for generations of business leaders,” said Joe Arnold, a Fisher spokesman, in an email.

Fisher will celebrate its centennial year on the anniversary of its founding with a gathering of alumni, students, faculty and staff for a birthday celebration at Mason Hall.

Fisher student, Victoria Wabler, a third-year in marketing, said she will definitely be attending the event and encourages other students to attend.

“I’m a big fan of Fisher,” she said. “I think they provide a lot of resources for (their students). I’ve had some really great faculty that have helped me in my time here. I’m just really appreciative.”

Since its beginning as the College of Commerce and Journalism, Fisher has changed drastically, evolving from a two-year program operating out of a single building to the leading four-year institution it is today.

Fisher has seen five name changes, nine deans, as well as 7,392 living alumni to date, according to Fisher’s website. Named after alumnus Max M. Fisher in 1993 after receiving a $20 million donation, the school has undergone what it calls a “corporate turnaround,” constructing a six-building campus while simultaneously expanding its scholarship and fellowship programs.

Susan Clark, a senior lecturer in investments and corporate finance, recounted some of the changes she has seen in her 15 years at the college.

“The increased use of technology in and out of the classroom has been a significant change. Global awareness is also an important theme at Fisher,” she said in an email. “This focus enables students to see beyond boundaries and empathize with others.”

Fisher’s offerings begin before the classroom, with its newest first-year students. Through their FisherDirect program, Fisher offers first-years the opportunity to be admitted directly into their specializations and experience express access to the school’s resources.

FisherDirect student Elizabeth Navarre, a first-year in finance, described her experience thus far at the business school as enjoyable.

“I’m definitely enjoying being a part of Fisher. It’s a little overwhelming as a first-year, but I’m excited to be surrounded by such driven people and faculty,” Navarre said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what my next three years hold.”

With the yearlong celebration just starting to get underway, Fisher has yet to release all the details regarding the festivities.

Arnold encourages interested individuals to keep an eye on the website as more content about Fisher’s history, as well as details regarding the school’s birthday party, are revealed.

“This truly is a momentous year for our college community,” Arnold said. “We look forward to recognizing our remarkable journey and celebrating our past, our present and our future.”