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Letter to the Editor: My alma mater is too big to care

My alma mater is too big to care. What has happened to me is going to happen to others if it has not already.

I am very disappointed by the Department of Athletics and the office of the secretary of the Board of Trustees for choosing not to respond, or even acknowledge, my repeated emails.

Coach Urban Meyer and Shelley Meyer’s giving is at a championship level. I had a suggestion I wanted to share with them. I thought that perhaps they might consider dividing future bonuses not only to OSU but a well-respected charity of their choice. To be as far reaching as possible, Urban Meyer could challenge other coaches of his elite stature to do the same. With his excellent broadcasting skills, he would be the perfect leader for this role. In my view, this would also be very good for the image of college football and, I feel, well-received by public support.

Emails have been written to the Department of Athletics, the president’s office, the President’s Club, the Alumni Association and the secretary of the Board of Trustees. I did receive a return email from Blake Thompson, the secretary of the board, saying he would look into my concern personally. I have had repeated contacts with his office to remind him of his commitment — but, nothing, not even a courtesy response, has been received.

Before I retired, I was a project leader with the National Wildlife Refuge System, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. As a public servant, I know firsthand that many contacts do not merit a personal response. But thanks to the computer age, all of those who take the time to contact the university deserve a polite, courtesy computer-generated response. Indeed, not very difficult. That might be all that is needed!

I believe every contact is important to the athletic department and all university offices.  A person might be a devoted fan, a graduate, an endowment sponsor, a potential benefactor or a contrary, testy human being, but to receive absolutely no response is a bit arrogant and, I believe, sending the wrong message from my university, a public institution. This too-big-to-care attitude is not very endearing!!  

I was offended when my alma mater would not even take the time to respond with an automated generated email.

I am aware the athletic department donates a substantial sum of money to the university’s general fund. This should not be a free pass to complete independence from The Ohio State University. It’s about accountability. It’s about living excellence every day. It’s about civility to all who contact the university.

I don’t want an apology. Constructive critique drives excellence. It’s about making the university the very best it can be. We all want that!

The public relations staff might be of help.

The criticism withstanding, I love what Urban Meyer is doing on and off the field with his leadership and real-life presentation programs.


Tom Mountain




  1. Someone does not seem to have a whole lot of respect for the individual freedom of others to do as they like with their earnings.

    Sometimes a university administrator’s decision not to answer a ridiculous letter is better than writing to tell that someone to “get lost”.

  2. Shut up already.

  3. wow, I can’t believe someone would even publish this

    So… I write you a letter saying I want you to take YOUR bonus and give half of it away to OSU and a charity of your choice…… Frankly what he does with his money is his business. He negotiated for that salary and bonuses, and in such he can do with it what he pleases.

    In summary, I’m playing the worlds smallest violin for you.

  4. Yes, I’m embarrassed for Tom Mountain. He probably regrets his editorial given a few more days to reconsider.

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