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Board of Trustees freezes in-state tuition, residence hall fees

The Ohio State Board of Trustees has approved a proposal to freeze fees for in-state students while hiking the prices for out-of-state and international students for another year. Additionally, residence hall fees remain frozen for school year 2016-17, despite an initial proposal to increase them.

In-state tuition and fees have been frozen since the 2012-13 school year, and since then out-of-state tuition has steadily increased. The Board of Trustees approved another 3.2 percent hike for out-of-state undergraduate students’ tuition, making the total $28,229 per academic year from $27,365 per academic year.

Additionally, currently enrolled international students will see a 3 percent increase to tuition, raising it from $28,365 per academic year to $29,229 per academic year. International students enrolling with OSU in Autumn Semester 2016 for the first time will pay an extra 2.9 percent from those who enrolled last year, now set to pay $30,169 per academic year instead of $29,305 per academic year.

The university decided not to recommend 2 percent raise in residence hall room rates after University President Michael Drake asked university administrators to consider other ways to reduce or avoid the increase. Even without the increase, OSU room rates remain the highest among Ohio state schools and the second highest in the Big 10, only behind Northwestern.

Mandatory fees that are affected by the proposal are the instructional, general and student activity fees.

Mandatory fees that won’t be affected include the recreational, student union and COTA fees, according to the Financial Committee’s meeting documents. Although they will not be frozen for in-state students, the board did not propose any increase or decrease to these fees at the April meeting.

Correction, 11:40 a.m., April 11: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated the board proposed an increase in residence hall room rates, when in fact the recommendation by the university was decided not to be made.

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