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Letter to the Editor: What can advising do for you?

Many students return to campus after summer break with a lot of questions for advisers. These range from major questions, to finding internships, to transfer credits, and many more. In addition, each autumn our university welcomes over 7,000 new members to the Buckeye family — many of whom rely on advisers for guidance and understanding of how to navigate our world-class institution.

However, in spring advisers might see less of their students; perhaps the weather outside is too intimidating (or too tempting). Yet, some of this might be simply that some students are not aware of the many ways that advisers can assist them and those students are not maximizing the benefits their advisers can provide. While each adviser’s job duties and expertise vary slightly, there are a few things that all advisers can do for you.

Advisers can help clarify long-term career-related decisions. You know what to take next semester? That’s great. Then what? What about a summer practicum experience? Have you talked about how your autumn service-learning course really inspired you to consider how to integrate working with a special population into your long term career plans? An adviser might know of a minor, a student organization, a mentor, or a graduate program that would help get you to your goal.

Advisers can assist with problem solving. Is your roommate too loud? Were your books stolen when your car got broken into? Advisers know about “hidden” options that exist simply because life doesn’t stop when you enroll in classes. We can point you to quiet study spaces on campus or assist you with reserving your books through Ohio Link (and help you practice how to request homework extensions until they arrive).

Advisers can make referrals. Do you need help with a resume or resources to find an internship? Do you have questions about your scholarship paying for summer tuition? When our own knowledge is too limited to help with your specific concern, you can bet that your adviser knows the office to send you to for that kind of help.

The point is that you should be checking in with an adviser whenever you experience a transition, have a decision to make, or have a question you are struggling to find an answer to. Advisers are here for you, and we want to help. Many of us are available on short notice, so don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment today!

PS – Has an adviser really helped you in some way? Take time to thank him/her at: go.osu.edu/Thank_an_advisor and consider telling the world using #ThankAnAdvisorOSU.

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