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Chumley’s to close; last day will be Monday

A diagram outlines the subareas of the 15th and High Plan. Credit: Courtesy of Campus Partners

A diagram outlines the subareas of the 15th and High Plan. Credit: Courtesy of Campus Partners

Students will have to pack up their schooners and put them on their shelves — Chumley’s bar is closing.

The last day will be Monday, an employee told The Lantern.

“As much as I hate to comment on rumors and speculation, we are closing,” said Charles Steele, a server.

Chumley’s sits on the block of North High Street between East 16th and East 17th avenues, which is slated for the building of a six-story, mixed-use development. Construction is set to start as early as this summer.

That development, by Edwards Communities, is part of the larger 15th and High development plan put forth by Campus Partners, Ohio State University’s nonprofit development arm. The plan calls for the redevelopment of much of High Street between East 14th and East 17th avenues.



  1. Thanks for absolutely eradicating the student experience, Ohio State. You couldn’t be more out of touch.

  2. When the rest of this garbage getting torn down? Good ridden to old decaying relics to our rioting days.

  3. Boo Hoo the bars are closing, what ever will the students do now? God forbid they should study instead.

    • If only students could both study *and* enjoy the one bar near campus that sells more than $6 Bud Lights.

    • I’ve got a good idea. Instead of Campus Partners shutting down these bars you can just go back to college and drain the life out of them yourself! (While the rest of us should be studying)

    • Someone who studied AND had fun...

      Looks like someone had ZERO fun in college…

  4. Finally! About time.

  5. Good riddance!!! The owners are alcoholics. They also like to fire loyal employees when they’re drunk. Happened to me after being there almost 3 years.

  6. It infuriates me that a state university has forgotten its origins, its mission, and it’s history as an institution funded by the state to help the people of Ohio. Like everything else in the US, it has been hijacked by monied people bent on making more money. Greed has destroyed the campus side of the street, and Lane Avenue, is about to sweep away Don Scott, and will build a pretty facade on the East side of High which will have an ugly ghetto behind it.

  7. Really sad to see the destruction of High St. Just like south campus, these buildings will have no soul and the business rents will be such that any business that occupies them will need to get product prices at levels too high for students.

  8. OSU 3x alum and employee

    Agree with all the above comments -the East side of High Street when its reconstituted will be stale and unappealing and uninviting with its same-ol-same-ol architecture (if you can call it that). Why not build the same buildings out in the middle of a corn field (apologies to corn fields) near N’erk as it will have about as much identity (or should I say brand?) so then it won’t cost as much and there will not be 1 single vestige to identity it as Ohio State-there have been too few of that for a very long time anyway. Those of us who have been here over 20,30,40 and even 50 years remember the stores and restaurants and bars and bookstores that made it distinctly OSU. It will be laughable compared to the campus experience in Madison, Ann Arbor, State College-almost anywhere else……
    The positive side is -is that OSU students never had an off-campus to really enjoy —–so they won’t miss what they didn’t know they should have. Extraordinarily disappointed with what is coming….. they can keep shuttling down to another fake environment -Park Street and the Arena District— home of hallowed ground—The Ohio State Pen—–where toxic wastes and a graveyard was up until a while ago…..

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