Google Maps illustration of where the new housing development will be located on the northeast corner of Woody Hayes Drive and Kenny Road. Credit: Mitch Hooper | Engagement Editor

Ohio State is currently accepting proposals for a new housing development located at the northeast corner of Kenny Road and Woody Hayes Drive.

The 10-acre plot of land is slated to become a multi-family housing development catering to graduate students and students with families. According to the request for proposal put out by the university, the development will include up to 450 residential units and offer rental rates at least 25 percent below the market rate of apartments within 10 miles of campus.

“This proposal would provide graduate students and those with families another housing option that is affordable, safe and located close to campus,” Dan Hedman, Office of Administration and Planning spokesman, said in an email.

The development of the housing project comes following the announcement in November that 18 percent of Buckeye Village, which currently offers housing to graduate students, would be demolished to accommodate the construction of a new athletic facility.

The housing project is still in the early stages of development, and more details should be made available after the RFP deadline of March 10, Hedman said.

“By issuing the RFP, the university intends to gain a better understanding of possible configurations for housing and community spaces, as well as rental costs to those who lease the housing, should the project go forward,” Hedman said.