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Pumped Up Kicks: Premium Cloth offers rare shoes and clothes in Short North

Premium Cloth recently opened its only location in the Short North. Credit: Max Miller for the Lantern

Premium Cloth is one of the newest stores to dot the canvas of Columbus, offering streetwear clothing and shoes.

Premium Cloth, located at 1242 N. High St. in the Short North, has been open only since December.

Co-owner Danny Coleman said the store sells limited quantities of rare shoes and clothes. Customers would usually have to go online to find these specific styles, but Premium Cloth offers an in-person option, he said.

The store is relatively new, but it isn’t the owner’s first time in the business. Coleman also owns Mass Appeal, a streetwear specialty shop in Atlanta. He said he’s had his eyes set on Columbus for a long time. As an Ohioan, he said he enjoys the ability to stay close to home.

“I’m from Toledo,” Coleman said. “I’ve always had my eyes set on Ohio State, because there is nothing else like it — it’s the college.”

The Short North was among one of  Coleman’s desired locations, and he said it’s been a perfect fit for the new store.

“The Short North has such a great vibe to it,” Coleman said. “Here, I can stay close to the university, but also enjoy all the diversity of Columbus.”

Many brands and styles will be brought in, including Jordan, Adidas, Stussy, Yeezy and Lacoste. But Coleman said one of the goals of the store is to bring in smaller, lesser-known brands so customers can discover new brands.

“One of the main points of our store is to share brands you can’t find anywhere else,” Coleman said. “We have some things from popular brands and such, but we don’t have many competitors in our business at the moment.”

Since Premium Cloth is new to Columbus, the employees are still getting to know the city and its clientele. Coleman said they will make changes to inventory to find the right balance.

“We’re tweaking things so we can get the right feel in Columbus,” he said. “These things don’t come overnight — which is why we are here to stay.”

The items the store sells are for people who want to stand out with a clean-cut look, to allow them to look and feel good, said Michelle Coleman, co-owner of the store and wife of Danny Coleman.  New designs and ideas come in daily.

“We do everything different around here,” she said. “Our inventory stays diverse, so we can keep our customers on the edge.”

Along the line, Premium Cloth is looking into doing special and seasonal releases, and even the occasional surprise drop, Danny Coleman said.

“Our goal is to produce dope threads you can’t get anywhere else,” Michelle Coleman said. “We try to eliminate the need for people to buy exclusives online only.”

Students can buy items sales-tax-free with a BuckID.

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