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2017 stadium arrests already exceed that of entire 2016 season

Thirty-four  gameday arrests have been made during the 2017 season’s first two games. 32 arrests were made in total during the 2016 season’s seven games. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo Editor

More arrests have been made on gameday the first two home football games this season than all seven of the Buckeyes’ 2016 home games. Additionally, more people were arrested at each of this year’s home games than any single home game last year.

The 34 total gameday arrests the past two weeks exceed the 32 made throughout the entire 2016 season, the first season that alcoholic beverages were sold in the stadium during games.

Twenty-one gameday arrests were made Sept. 9 — 13 inside the stadium during the Oklahoma game and eight outside the stadium — and 13 arrests were made Saturday — 12 inside during the matchup against Army, and another one outside — according to information provided by the Ohio State Department of Public Safety.

According to the University Police online crime log, half of this year’s arrests — 11 during the Oklahoma game and six during the Army game — were for offenses involving underage persons.

Last football season, the most stadium arrests made during a single game were nine, during the Rutgers game Oct. 1.

In addition to the 2017 arrests thus far, nine people were ejected during the Oklahoma game and five were ejected during the Army game. No alcohol citations were issued in those ejections.

Twenty-five people were ejected and four alcohol citations were issued in 2016. Combined with arrests, there were 61 incidents total.

There have been 48 total incidents in this year’s two home games, just 13 shy of matching the 2016 season’s seven-game total.

By comparison, 175 incidents were reported across the seven home games in 2015, though only 25 of those were arrests, with the remaining 110 being citations and ejections.

“Each game is different and many factors can affect law enforcement data including the time of game, weather and enforcement,” Dan Hedman, an Ohio State spokesman, said in an email regarding the arrests.

The vast majority of arrests both years were alcohol-related.

Twenty-eight of this year’s 34 arrests were involving alcohol. Twenty-seven of last year’s 32 were involving alcohol, as well.

The Lantern reported the sale of alcohol during 2016 games coincided with a sharp drop in total gameday incidents — arrests, citations and ejections — compared with the previous season when alcohol was not sold.

Despite the decline in total incidents, arrests in 2016 increased compared to the previous 2015 season, which University Police Chief Stone attributed to the presence of more alcohol in the stadium and more plainclothes officers from the Ohio Investigative Unit.


  1. A very poorly written article. Left my head spinning with all the numbers. Still don’t know the exact meaning of “alcohol-related” arrests.

  2. I’m glad The Lantern is keeping track of this but the written article here is table.

    Please include a table showing the number of alcohol “incidents” and the number of alcohol arrests/citations. Then break those citations down by the offense.

    I’m not really worried about some 19-20 year olds getting busted. Underage drinking has been happening in The ‘Shoe for decades. I am concerned if the issues are related to brazenly drunk adults throughout the stadium.

    I do not want to see the OSU game-day experience to mimic the current NFL experience. I can’t stand to attend a professional game since your almost guaranteed to be sitting in close proximity to a blacked-out middle-aged man causing trouble anytime you go.

    I’m not against drinking but OSU needs to make sure the atmosphere of The ‘Shoe doesn’t take a turn for the worse with the on-site alcohol sales.

  3. Does it matter? Bottom line is all that matters to the University is, well, the bottom line. They do everything possible to fleece 200,000 people 7 days a year. Ticket, cha-ching. Parking, cha-ching. Beverage, nachos, popcorn, hotdog, cha-ching-ching-ching. Arrests, cha-ching.

  4. Well, the loss to Oklahoma really hit fans hard, especially when they would say that they kept witnessing over and over again open WRs not catching accessible passes from J.T. (that, and the under-utilization of TEs as well). I wasn’t in Columbus for that defeat, but it still hurt!

    I’m just grateful that I was at the game for the victory against Army, so the post-game atmosphere was more satisfactory. 🙂

    Go Bucks, and drink responsibly!

  5. I attended the UNLV game. The group of 6 in front of us were drinking throughout the game. For the most part, they were ok. But one woman was pretty obnoxious. She was loud and kept pushing her boobs into the guys’ faces. Because it was staff appreciation game, there were quite a few children around.

    Other than that, the people around us were great.

  6. I’d like to hear more about what is not being reported, like the use of other drugs. In all the trash that is picked up after the games, I understand that needles are being thrown into the trash.

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