New and emerging artists are what keep the Columbus art scene alive, and the Short North’s ROY G BIV gallery strives to help develop and maintain its livelihood.

The ROY G BIV gallery is a nonprofit organization that has resided in the Short North Arts District since 1989. Its mission is to provide new artists a platform to jumpstart their careers and break into the art world.

For 28 years, the gallery has showcased emerging contemporary artists from around the world to give both the artists and the public a new and innovative experience.

“Our mission is to give visibility and provide education to emerging artists and also the public to expose them to work we consider thought-provoking and high quality,” said Haley Kedziora, director of the gallery. “We try to show things that are novel and feel relevant.”

In this month’s exhibition, the gallery will feature work by artists Erek Nass and Kelsy Gossett. Nass creates projected images using light, water and sound; Gossett, a self-proclaimed risk taker, explores vulnerability and human relationships in her video work.

Artist Erek Nass will feature his series “Descent” at the ROY G BIV gallery throughout the month of November. | Courtesy of Erek Nass

Gossett’s current installation, “Relations,” delves into her own romantic relationships through the combination of video and an abundance of pale pink balloons. Gossett said the series portrays what her relationship was versus what society wanted it to be.

“I just happened to be going through a breakup with my live-in girlfriend of five years,” she said. “The show explores the last intimate moments spent with someone when you know you are no longer able to care for them in the way they need.”

Nass described his installation, “Descent,” as a convergence of contrasts, manipulating water vapor projecting imagery and sound.

“In ‘Descent,’ reflected video footage is projected onto water vapor seemingly contained within an inflated, clear membrane while the accompanying layered soundtrack echoes the undulating contours of the moving light form,” Nass said.  “The leaked vapor slowly dissipates into the gallery.”

Kedziora said the ROY G BIV gallery was drawn to Gossett and Nass because of the quality and individuality of both their works.

“It’s really clear they’re both doing interesting things with materials.Their work is heavily conceptualized and there’s obviously a lot of thought put into them,” Kedziora said. “It’s interesting, well-executed artwork that is contemporary and unexpected.”

Both Nass and Gossett praised ROY G BIV for its consistent support of emerging artists. Gossett said she believes it is crucial for emerging artists to have spaces like ROY G BIV, which offer the opportunity to hold shows and engage with the public.

Nass, who has been frequenting the gallery for years, said ROY G BIV offers access to a world that seems impenetrable to most beginning artists.

Artist Kelsy Gossett will feature her series, “Relations,” at the ROY G BIV gallery throughout the month of November. | Courtesy of Kelsy Gossett

It is often difficult for recently graduated artists, who are used to the community and support structure of school, to keep up an art practice and make a living wage,” Nass said. “The gallery offers opportunities for exposure to artists whose voice might not otherwise be heard.”

As the art scene in Columbus continues to expand, the curators at ROY G BIV understand the impact new artists can have.

“It has been one of original galleries to recognize the importance of emerging artists in shaping a unique voice for the city.” Nass said.

The ROY G BIV gallery is located at 997 N. High St. #A. The gallery is open to the public from 1 to 6 p.m. Friday through Sunday, and by appointment on weekdays.