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Try not to fall: Climbers compete to show off their strength

One participant in the Gravity Check rock climbing competition on Mar. 10 at the Outdoor Adventure Center. Credit: Courtesy of OSU Rec Sports

Climbers of all skill levels are invited to test out their skills or enjoy a workout with recreational sports at the DYNOvember Rock Climbing competition Friday.

The DYNOvember Rock Climbing Competition will allow participants to engage in bouldering problems centered around a move referred to as a dyno –– a dynamic move climbers use to gain momentum to reach the next hold.

The purpose of the event is to encourage and challenge participants physically through friendly contests, while bringing together the rock-climbing community at Ohio State, said Matt Hartman, assistant director at the Outdoor Adventure Center.   

“It’s a fun event that challenges people in a special way,” he said. “You are essentially jumping and relying on a lot of upper body strength to hold your position on the wall. Together, everyone is there to push each other to be better climbers and it really brings the community of climbers at [Ohio State] together.”

Although dyno rock climbing is not ideal for beginner climbers, everyone of all climbing levels will be able to participate at their own entry level and get one of the best workouts in a short period of time, Hartman said.

Coleson Stodghill, an avid climber and second-year in actuarial science, said the DYNOvember competition will offer participants new skills and experiences that exceed rock climbing alone.

“Rock climbing is so much more than just trying to make it to the top,” Stodghill said. “It builds mental concentration and enhances your physical coordination. The DYNOvember will really give students and all who participate the ability to grow in their body coordination, strength and balance, as well as their quick thinking and confidence skills.”

For those who enjoy climbing and are looking for a more challenging experience, the OAC will be hosting a more competitive rock-climbing competition in February. The Gravity Check rock-climbing competition is the OAC’s hallmark climbing event and is features harder courses geared towards experienced, competitive climbers.

The annual DYNOvember competition will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday at the OAC. The event is free and open to students and recreational sports members. Registration to climb is available online at recregister.osu.edu.

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