Wild Goose operates out of its own space at 2491 Summit St. and is dedicated to facilitating art creation across a variety of mediums. | Credit: Courtesy of Wild Goose Creative

Local gallery Wild Goose Creative is a space devoted to aspiring artists in Columbus, and since its inception 10 years ago, it has worked to bring the city’s art community closer together.

Founded by a group of volunteer art enthusiasts who wanted to promote creativity in the area, the group started out by setting up art galleries in homes and other spaces around Columbus.

A decade later, Wild Goose operates out of its own space at 2491 Summit St. and is still dedicated to facilitating art creation across a variety of mediums, providing resources and experiences for the Columbus creative community and connecting artists in its space, according to the Wild Goose mission statement.

Justin Johnston, executive director at Wild Goose, said the studio’s focus as a nonprofit is to enhance the local art scene and encourage artists in the area to pursue their dreams.

“We are an art gallery that features work from local emerging artists, all of the artists on our walls are local [and] a lot of our artists are showing and selling their work for the first time,” Johnston said. “We are all about giving people their first big break in the art community.”

Each month, Wild Goose hosts a new gallery featuring the work of local artists. For the month of November, the organization will showcase “Winter Bones,” a collection of pieces put together by 11 different artists and inspired by Harrison Farm –– a farm located in Groveport, Ohio that is dedicated to connecting people and animals. The series works to highlight the transition from fall to winter with the bones of animals featured in each piece.

In addition to showing art, Wild Goose uses its space for a variety of events and purposes throughout the year.

“Beyond just being a gallery, it is a production space for concerts, theater, poetry, writing and everything in between,” said Clara Davison, an intern at Wild Goose and a third-year in arts management. “The space is for the community and by the community. It’s really for anyone with ideas to take a chance and see what happens since they have the freedom to do so there.”

For both Davison and Johnston, Wild Goose’s monthly Speak Easy is a must-see. On the first Thursday evening of each month, a crowd gathers at Wild Goose to watch people tell their own stories, with each month centered around a different theme.

“It’s pretty much a live radio hour,” Davison said. “It’s a super local community event of people coming together that has been going on a while and you can really tell that people are into it.”

Some other events coming up includes the Best of the Underground on Nov. 17, a concert that features local and independent musicians.

In addition to the new gallery titled “Please Touch the Art” opening Dec. 2 –– which will feature only art that is meant to be touched –– there will be a cooking competition on Dec. 9, when two chefs will square off in a competition to see who can make the best food using only a hot plate.

Despite any change throughout the years, Davison said Wild Goose has maintained its founding mantra.

“It’s so small and local and very focused on the community,” Davison said. “All starting 10 years ago with a collection of volunteers who really wanted something and saw a need for that space, and it’s just continued to evolve from there and still stuck to its roots.”