USG presidential candidate Reese Brooks (right) and vice-presidential candidate Reagan Brooks (left). Credit: Courtesy of the Brooks Campaign

The Undergraduate Student Government is a body that’s supposed to represent the students. It is supposed to keep the best interests of the students in mind. It is supposed to work to make the everyday experience of each and every student better. But has it been?

After running for the USG presidency and vice presidency last year — and losing — we’ve spent the last year growing with the Ohio State community. With no intention of running again, we’ve focused on growing our student organization, Young Americans for Liberty, which we founded our first semester here, and really being a part of the campus community.

Over the year, we have seen what USG has done since the last election, and we haven’t liked what we’ve seen. We’ve seen an increase in politicization and a decrease in fair and accurate representation. We’ve seen an increase in self-interest and a decrease in student interests and accountability.

That is why we, Reese Brooks and Reagan Brooks, are excited to announce our candidacy for president and vice president of USG. USG has shown that it needs change because it has forgotten who it is there to give a voice to: the students. As USG outsiders, we are prepared to be that change.

The Undergraduate Student Government should be run by the undergraduate student body — not by the same group of USG insiders each and every year. That’s not how democracy is supposed to work, and that’s not how USG is supposed to work. Each year, what seems like the same candidates offer up the same promises which they seemingly forget about after getting elected. Year after year, where do the promises go? Where are the results? Why do we keep electing these people?

It’s time to get new, fresh perspectives in USG; to return accountability and rebuild trust; and to give the students back their voice. That’s not done by electing the same people who lost the students’ trust to begin with.

This election season, ask yourself, do you want more of the same that’s not working for you or do you want new representation and a new chance to make a positive difference at this university?

That is why we are asking you to vote out with the crooks and in with the Brooks.

Reese Brooks, presidential candidate

Third-year in marketing

Reagan Brooks, vice-presidential candidate

Third-year in marketing