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Concert review: Wolf Alice brings ’90s rock to Newport Music Hall

Wolf Alice, the Brit-rock powerhouse, shook the foundation of the Newport Music Hall Monday night as the group graced Columbus with its hardcore, yet sweet rock-’n’-roll sound.

Backed by intense electric guitar, bass and drums, guitarist and lead singer Ellie Roswell’s haunting vocals led the band of boys in their journey of conquering the minds of the audience, inspiring the headbanging and moshing of Columbus concert-goers.

Wolf Alice seemingly didn’t care what year it was, as it embodied the aura of ’90s rock. It made 2018 feel like the year of rock. The funky and brave performance epitomized the quartet’s attitude of rock and not giving a damn.

Drenched in lights of purples, oranges and pinks, Wolf Alice played hit after hit, such as “Bros,” “Your Loves Whore” and “Don’t Delete the Kisses.”

The show had an old-timey feel to it, like the audience was transported back to when rock was the epitome of cool. The band’s sound of angry, yet happy chords of love, death and friendship created an atmosphere that felt reassuringly safe, but also dangerous.

Wolf Alice acted like this concert was the one that would make it or break it. The band exuded confidence, excitement and poise. Roswell didn’t say much, but her silence spoke for itself.

Near the end of the show, Wolf Alice didn’t rely on lyrics, it relied on sound, shrouding the venue in its indie, alternative, metal rock aura. The audience didn’t mind; it wanted the music.

The Big Pink opened the show, a band that reflected Wolf Alice’s sound and allure. They stayed silhouetted the entire 30 minutes, never showing their faces as they played in a purple and pink mist. The group made sure the headliner was the sole focus of the night.

Wolf Alice took over Columbus, transcending the rules of the present and taking the Newport back to a time of not caring what your parents said and rocking until the world made sense.

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