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Ohio State to allow off-duty officers to carry concealed firearms

The full Board of Trustees will meet Friday to approve a resolution permitting concealed carry by off-duty officers. Credit: Lantern File Photo

Ohio State will soon allow off-duty officers to carry concealed weapons on campus and be admitted into buildings, events and venues with a firearm.

The Master Planning and Facilities Committee approved a resolution on Thursday allowing full-time off-duty officers to carry concealed firearms on university property located within their jurisdiction. The proposal will have to be approved by the full Board of Trustees on Friday.

“For the first time we are establishing there are officers of the law, licensed officers, who carry their weapon with them at all times,” Jay Kasey, senior vice president of Administration and Planning, said. “These officers must be in compliance with all applicable legal requirements and would be required to follow all protocols and procedures established by the university.”

The police departments whose officers will fall underneath the umbrella of “permitted officers” will include The Ohio State University Police Division, the City of Columbus Division of Police, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Concealed carry is generally prohibited by Ohio law on the property of private or public universities in the state, but allows for an institution’s board of trustees to vote on and approve exceptions to the rule.


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  2. The law needs to be re-worded to take the ability of who can and cannot carry away from the idiots on the BOT. So, unless you are a State Trooper, CPD or OSU Officer or Franklin County Sheriffs Deputy you are out of luck. So if a Dublin, Grandview, Delaware or other Officer who could carry, the BOT’s told them no. Also, if you are a PT or Reserve Officer, you are SOL also. Stupid!

    Also, licensed and trained students should be allowed to carry as well.

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