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Ohio State head diving club coach placed on administrative leave

John Appleman, the head coach of Ohio State’s Diving Club, was placed on administrative leave Friday after the class-action lawsuit was filed accusing fellow Ohio State Diving Club coach William Bohonyi of sexual abuse of a former athlete.

Ohio State confirmed Appleman’s suspension with USA Diving and that he was placed on administrative leave by the university.

On July 12, Appleman was suspended of his membership with USA Diving for undisclosed reasons.

USA Diving released the following statement: “Providing a safe environment for USA Diving members is our top priority. USA Diving currently has suspended members and we are unable to comment further on this matter. USA Diving cannot comment on any action The Ohio State University may have taken.”

Appleman was announced as the next diving coach at the University of Arizona on June 5, but Arizona rescinded his offer of employment once he was suspended by USA Diving.

Appleman was mentioned by name in the class-action lawsuit filed against Bohonyi. The lawsuit stated that he learned of the sexual abuse while at the Senior Nationals competition in Knoxville, Tennessee, in August 2014. But the athlete, 17, was sent home while Bohonyi stayed at the event.

The OSU Police investigation of Bohonyi was reopened on Jan. 30, 2018 after the university was contacted by the former diving club athlete.

Appleman could not be reached for comment.


  1. Probably worth noting that the current varsity coach at OSU was part of the club team in the past. I wonder if they’ve talked to him about what he knows.

  2. How many scandals does the Athletic Dept. have to have before Gene Smith is sent packing? (And remember the Marching Band was tossed under the bus to avoid a thorough Title IX inverstigation) He can say ” I didn’t know” only so many times before you wonder whether he has been victim to great cover ups, or if he chooses to not know. Sadly, the BoT will probably give the guy another raise.

  3. Ask USA Diving Why

    The lawsuit names John Appleman only in passing. The lawsuit is against Ohio State and USA Diving and Will Bohonyi. There are several people whose names appear in the lawsuit in describing all of the details, and John’s is in there, but the lawsuit has no claim against him.
    I’m surprised a news organization would miss that detail!
    Read the lawsuit.

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