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Ohio State 3 MUSKETEERS Ambassador meets with bipartisan leaders to bridge political divide

Shine Corps Ambassador Britain Bennett meets with U.S. representatives Josh Gottheimer and Tom Reed in Washington, D.C. Credit | Courtesy of 3 MUSKETEERS

With the current state of the United State’s political climate, at times it feels impossible for people to find common ground on the country’s most pressing issues. However, Britain Bennett is using positivity to move one step closer to bridging that divide.

Bennett, second-year in marketing and strategic communications, is a Shine Corps Ambassador for the 3 MUSKETEERS #ThrowShine Campaign, where she finds and shares uplifting stories of teens and adults.

“I have always been a big advocate and always tried to go out and help people and make a difference — a positive difference — in everyone’s lives,” Bennett said.

In 2016, 3 MUSKETEERS created the #ThrowShine campaign to inspire and spread moments of inclusivity and joy.

“We launched the #ThrowShine campaign to encourage teens across the country to spread moments of positivity and kindness among their peers–giving props instead of throwing shade,” said Rosemary Nocito, the 3 MUSKETEERS brand manager.

As part of the campaign, Bennett went to Washington, D.C. on July 25 to spread “messages of positivity” by meeting with four U.S. representatives — Republicans and Democrats.

“We went out to D.C. because it is literally the epicenter of people coming together and making a difference,” Bennet said.

Bennett sat down with the heads of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus. While they did not discuss any specific political issues, she talked about how younger Americans can begin to overcome their differences to find solutions and how positivity can play a role in that.

Nocito said #ThrowShine is about trying to promote positive actions, both big and small. She added it is about trying to bridge differences to find solutions in all aspects of life.

“Our job as a candy company is not to be involved in politics. We really like to stay neutral because that’s not our job,” Bennet said. “But what we like to do if find things that everyone can agree on–like positivity and loving and accepting everybody–and promoting that.”

Britain said she had never heard of the caucus before going to Washington D.C., and that examples of people trying to find middle ground should be highlighted more than the negativity often shown.

The campaign was launched alongside 3 MUSKETEERS bars featuring 24 unique, uplifting messages — such as “You Slay” or “Keep it 100” — with a bright, burst of color on the front of the packaging.

So while in D.C., Bennett and the 3 MUSKETEERS brand team handed bars with politically inspired messages, including “Unanimously Pass Positivity” and “Say ‘Aye’ for Positivity.”

While on Capitol Hill, Bennett took notice of the lack of the women representation in politics, which inspired her even more.

“As a young woman going to Washington D.C., I did feel a lack of representation, I’m not going to lie about that,” she said. “But instead of it angering me and making me upset, it kind of pushed me, and have this fire lit under my butt. I was like ‘you know, this another issue that we all can agree on.”

Bennett said she enjoyed getting to spread positivity, but one of her favorite places she has visited as an ambassador was a high school in West Springfield, Virginia, where she shared her story of cyberbullying.

“It wasn’t Facetime calls; it wasn’t a text message or an email. It was face-to-face with kids who are going through what I am going through,” Bennett said.

Nocito said Britain’s voice has made an impact for #ThrowShine for teens and adults, but she has used her voice to do good and to motivate her peers to do the same.

“Britain is an inspiring example of the power of young voices, as her message resonates with people of all ages: we are strongest when we can work through our differences to accomplish our goals and make a positive impact,” Nocito said.

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