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Ben Shapiro draws conservative crowd, liberal protests

Ben Shapiro speaks to a full crowd at the Ohio Union on Nov. 13. Credit: Joe Matts | News Director

Protesters amassed outside and inside the Ohio Union as those quick enough to get tickets filed in to the Performance Center on Tuesday night.

Midterm elections have passed, but political energy captured campus as a large crowd — one that far outpaced the size of an appearance by U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren a few weeks earlier — descended on the Union.

With supporters and dissenters looking on, Ben Shapiro delivered his conservative message to a full house while those opposed to his message — and those outright opposed to him being allowed to speak — protested outside.

“Thanks to the university for standing up for free speech and allowing this event to go on as planned and thanks to law enforcement for protecting our rights day in and day out,” Shapiro opened while also chiding the Council on Student Affairs for requiring multiple appeals for funding to be approved for a student organization to host him.

Shapiro, a popular conservative commentator formerly of Breitbart and now editor-in-chief of his own website, The Daily Wire, is known for speaking on campuses across the country and bringing controversy with him.

Shapiro — who spoke before a crowd of 500 with countless others outside and filling the US Bank Conference Theater where a livestream was playing — was hosted by the Ohio State chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, an organization that, according to its website, “introduces young people to conservative ideas through conservative conferences, speakers, campus lectures and initiatives.”

Elle Lamb, president of Ohio State’s YAF chapter, said she wanted to bring Shapiro to Ohio State so it could spark conversation on a campus she views as politically apathetic.

“He gets the attention of students who are more lethargic in their political beliefs,” Lamb said in an interview prior to the event.

Shapiro spoke on the topic of the “lie” politicians tell Americans: that government can solve all their problems. Shapiro argued that the government is, other than in extreme cases, only meant to protect life, liberty and property.

“They promise you that if you have a problem they can fix your problem,” he said. “The true threat to our liberties is not from other individuals but instead comes from government.”

But what followed the discussion is what Shapiro is known for: his question-and-answer sessions. Shapiro devoted an hour and fifteen minutes of his two-hour appearance to taking questions from supporters and opposition alike.

Shapiro has generated much of his popularity from refuting the questions and opinions of liberal students at his events with supporters posting viral videos of him “owning the libs” or “destroying snowflakes.”

The YAF official livestream carried the description, “Shapiro is partnering with YAF to trigger leftist snowflakes on campuses nationwide in the fight against political correctness safe spaces run amok.”

While Shapiro asked for those with dissenting opinions to be moved to the front of the line, no one with strong opposition to his views came forward.The closest to a contentious moment was a student that challenged his ranking of Star Wars movies.

Members of the Columbus Anti-Racist Action group protest Ben Shapiro inside the Ohio Union on Nov. 13. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Managing Editor for Design

Those who disagreed with Shapiro were instead found outside the performance hall — some promoted opposing ideals, while others outright opposed his right to speak at Ohio State.

Jack Wagner, a second-year in political science and history, was volunteering for the Young Democratic Socialists of America outside Shapiro’s speech where they tried to rally support for a $15 minimum wage for campus workers.

“We thought that we wanted to have a presence at the event and we had a lot of time deliberating on what we wanted to do and we thought the best thing to do was have a table for ‘Fight for 15,’” Wagner said. “We thought it’d be a way to get a positive cause at an event that a lot of people would label as negative, especially if you see all the anti-Ben Shapiro posters up about his bigotry.”

Lamb was aware of those planning to protest the event, but wanted a speaker like Shapiro to spark discussion not violence.

“That’s my frustration with protests,” she said. “You have the opportunity to get up and ask him your questions and be able to debate someone. Why do you just want to scream and shout him down and shut him down?”

Wagner said that, overall, he was disappointed Shapiro got a platform at Ohio State.

“I’m not really one to say that one should have their free speech suppressed, but I think it presents somewhat of a danger to a lot of the people at the school who feel that his messages are typically targeted at them and targets violence and harassment at them,” Wagner said.

Shapiro is aware of the protesters that pop up wherever he goes and frequently addresses it on his podcast, The Ben Shapiro Show, and addressed the ongoing protests during his speech Tuesday.

“I live near the California wildfires and this makes me seem more dangerous than those,” Shapiro said in reference to the many flyers and letters that sent out “warnings” leading up to his appearance.

Lamb also wanted to bring Shapiro because while he sparks debate and protest, he also has a keen ability to connect with young conservatives, something in which Lamb readily admits conservatives could be better. Part of Shapiro’s appeal, Lamb said, is his ability to connect the typical conservative faith-based ideals with facts.

“You have to be able to defend what you believe both in a Christian standpoint and a facts and logic standpoint,” she said.

Shapiro put his weaving of faith and facts on display Tuesday when asked to provide a secular argument for support of Israel by responding that Israel is “the only liberal democracy in the entire region.”

“It’s been the most consistent and solid American ally throughout the region,” Shapiro said.

Ultimately, the night went off with the speech completing and protests not getting out of hand. Ohio State’s campus was left unscathed by Shapiro’s appearance despite the fears of some groups.

Tensions rose in the days leading up, but that was to be expected with a speaker like Shapiro.

“He’s not afraid. He says what he means and means what he says,” Lamb said. “He backs it up with facts and that’s really important for conservative students.”


  1. Shapiro does not traffic in facts. He traffics in half truths and thinly veiled hate speech along with a heavy dose of elitism and perverse nationalism.

    Shame on OSU for allowing a horrible group like “Young Americans for Freedom” to have a platform for hate speech and bigotry.

    Wherever this worm goes, he will be met with resistance. That is as it should be.

    • I’m sorry who are you to say who and who cant have a platform here? There’s something called the first amendment and just because he hurts your feelings doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply to him

      • First Amendment does not guarantee a platform at a University to any fool. Shapiro’s hatespeech is especially foolish and deserves no platform. Period. Who are you to question my university and my community?

        • Brian – Obviously the First Amendment DOES guarantee a platform at a university to any fool. Just look at your ability to post your hate-filled screeds here unhindered. Also, you obviously do not realize that this is NOT your university, but OUR university. Your childish selfishness betrays your inability to listen to opposing views. Rather, you simply repeat your drumbeat that what Ben Shapiro talked about was racist and hate-filled and violent. What I am questioning about OUR university is why the admission process allowed someone as mentally immature as you to become a student. Perhaps you would feel more at home in Berkeley, CA, where violence is better tolerated — but only if that violence comes from the left. Sad, indeed.

          • Nope, you’re still wrong, Bob. The hate all came from Shapiro and his goons. It is OUR University, you got that right, and public tax money should not go to funding hate speech like that of Shapiro and YAF.

            Your hate-filled scfreed, Bob, and your defense of these disgusting goons, is something you should learn to personally reflect upon. You’re not qualified to be a member of the OSU community. There is no place for you here.

          • Even though I disagree with him, Brian DOES have a point. OSU has denied both Cameron Padgett and Richard Spencer to speak on campus. Which goes to show that the 1st amendment is never fully implemented in the university context.

        • Brian, find a better hobby, like listening to Shapiro’s podcasts. It seems that you don’t listen to him and go by word of mouth, so I suggest you educate yourself because your diploma doesn’t protect you from your own ignorance.

          • I’ve heard his ignorant hate speech podcasts and read his backward articles. I’m VERY familiar with his work.

            He is a bigoted ignorant juvenile who is merely serving as a provocateur for the extreme right to normalize their outdated and backward ideology.

            Your advocacy for this worm does not protect you from the shame of history.

          • Brian, I’m under the assumption that your major won’t be in history. I also don’t believe you watch his podcasts, try and watch the one labeled “The Tree of Life.” If you would, you’d see that he doesn’t in any way represent the “Far Right”, which was the left a century and a half ago. On a side note, tell me what history that brings shame and applies to Shapiro directly?

          • is this damn thing working?

          • I am not left or right wing, but I wouldn’t mind a ‘conservative’ speaker coming to speak @ OSU as long he has an agenda and doesn’t resort to name-calling of his opponents like a stupid boorish brat. That’s the Trump way and there’s no place for that in my America. If a ‘conservative’ speaker doesn’t go around saying ‘I’m right and everyone else is wrong’ then let him come and let him talk. I would never endorse someone on the wavelength of Cameron Padgett, Richard Spencer or Rush Limbaugh because they do NOTHING but name calling and promote violence by portraying others as less than human. However, we’ve had James Boehner (ex-House Speaker) @ OSU and he didn’t stir up hatred or violence. And John McCain was a GOP Senator but he was open to ideas – he was no rabble-rouser. OTOH, last year I saw 2 bikers of the Hammerskins group on Lane Ave. They are white supremacist thugs, terror-mongers, a hate group, and scumbags and they DON’T belong to my university, and they NEVER should be allowed! Not now, not EVER!

        • https://youtu.be/in1og1-uOEA

          Yeah that sure looks like the protestors are the ones spewing hate and fascism.

          • Those protesters are right. No hate involved whatsoever.

            You forgot what fascism *truly* looks like: segregation based on identity, as (in what Shapiro promotes).

            Also notice that this video was made and selectively edited by fleccas a known Trump/Shapiro supporter.

            He’s a quack.

            Sorry, Jordan, your bias is transparent.

          • Brian you are a skilled troll I give you that. Well done! You’ve managed to watch a video of hateful people literally threaten people with violence to silence them and still maintain your position that the protestors are virtuous. Lol yeah I’m aware he is a trump supporter but that doesnt make his footage fake. Unlike you I wasn’t hiding behind a computer monitor, I was actually there.

          • I was there Jordan. Fleccas didn’t use the footage of his attempted interview with me. He only uses footage of people he catches off their game. That’s his schtick. It’s cheap and transparent. You know where you can shove that selective editing, right?

            I guessed you missed the taunts and threats from the frat boys and the group of three NSM goons who were there as well. Fleccas sure won’t show that. It doesn’t fit the Daily Wire narrative.

            (P.S. because its a failing narrative.)

          • Right because you’re the intellectual giant of the lantern comment page. Theres no way anyone got the upper hand on you lol. If you are actually faculty then post your identity. Wouldn’t really call daily wire or Ben Shapiro failing by any stretch. 10 protestors compared to 500+ in attendance to watch him speak. It appears you’re in the minority and it’s sad because you’re just so convinced you know what you are talking about. I was there and from the looks of it several others on this board were. You’re literally the only person here and elsewhere claiming there were bigots threatening protestors. You must have skipped over the clip of fat karl Marx threatening to kill a minority student. Just be thankful he didn’t try anything because those masked pansies dont look like they have lifted a weight in their life. Your side is losing and your hatred isnt convincing anyone to join your side. Keep on being amongst the minority of people protesting conservative speakers.

          • I’m laughing at how triggered you are, fratboy.

            Nah, brah, YOUR side is losing the larger ideological war. “From the looks of it” Shapiro is an embarrassment and YAF is a MARGINAL group. you have what: 3 or 4 trolls here just to defend him? It’s a joke, son. It’s not like 500+ is significant in a sea of 68,000, and that’s just the undergrads! Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re some kind of majority. Most of the OSU community stayed away, because that’s what the majority of liberals do: ignore bigots and fascists until it’s too late.

            What you saw were the leftists who will not put up with scum like Shapiro spreading his hate speech. It’s not that hard to find ~500 brainwashed marketing majors with their heads on backward.

          • I wouldn’t say triggered I’m just not threatened by 100 pound masked terrorists not understanding why they are protesting. 500+ is still more than your 10, and majority of people don’t want to spend their limited free time listening to a speaker regardless of who they are or represent. Do you just assume when people don’t go to events they are protesting it? I didnt go to the game a couple weeks ago did that mean I think the football team are a bunch of commies ? So glad I can talk to someone who reads the minds of every student here at OSU.

            I hope you guys are at the next event because it is entertaining as hell. Why are you guys protesting? “Uuhh uh he is bad ” what did he say that’s bad ? ” uh Fu$k you he is alt right ” not even close but thanks for playing.

          • Jordan, you didn’t see the OTHER responses to flaca that he edited out. I know it’s easy to mis-characterize people you don’t understand. TRUST ME, those protesters understand A LOT more about you than you do about them, that’s for sure.

            I could just as easily post videos if frat boy ignorance. It’s not that hard.

            Nice try, though. I’m still laughing at how triggered you are. Seriously, dude.

            You’re out of touch.

          • (Ignore the video then) I was there and I saw with my own eyes how foolish you all looked. Also if you’re the ideological majority why do you guys wear a mask? What are you hiding from? Some of you seem to he hiding from a shower. Based on what I saw I’m not convinced they even know how to read a book. Certainly not one on history or economics..

            I guess keep calling me triggered man but I’m not the one wasting my time on protests that aren’t stopping anything. I’m sure you mobilized plenty of folk against you. But just keep ignoring the fact that both conservatives and liberals are laughing at you.

            Capitalism will win

          • LOLOLOLOL

            Capitalism is failing globally!! Dude, now you are REALLY a laughingstock.

            I saw the video. It was selectively edited by your stooge fleccas.

            Keep up with the personal insults, though. It shows how much substance you have. Very revealing!

          • I mean you can laugh you want but you haven’t refuted one thing I’ve said. Socialism hast worked once and I’m sorry you lack sufficient knowledge of economics to debate me on that. Have a wonderful day! I hope you get the help you so clearly need. If you feel like you need a buddy I’ll be at pomerene at 1

          • The lack of sufficient knowledge is all you, Jordan.
            Keep projecting your failures our to the internet if you must.
            You haven’t refuted one thing I’ve said, either.

            Shapiro is a scumbag and a bigot. Only his lemming followers (a minority in our population) disagree.

    • I’m wondering if you’ve ever actually listened to Shapiro speak. My guess is you’ve heard a sound bite or two, taken out of context, and formed your opinion. Labeling his views as “hate speech” and asserting that you have a right to deny him a platform just makes you sound like a hysterical, entitled, child who has no understanding of the point of free speech. Its sad that your juvenile viewpoint is shared by many young people. Grow up.

      • Armen, I’ve studied him closely. It is the hysterical, entitled child who has no understanding of the point of free speech that showed up to support this monstrous purveyor of VERY thinly veiled hate speech. It is sad, but Shapiro’s perverse interpretation of “free speech” has nothing to do with the ACTUAL constitutional right, and it is wonderful that his viewpoint is shared by only a tiny minority of frightened privileged reactionaries who have never APPROACHED growing up. I’ll assume that you are to be counted among them. How pathetic you are over there on the wrong side of history.

        • Hate speech IS free speech. Are you not familiar with Brandenburg v. Ohio? Racial slurs of any form are also free speech. If you don’t believe me, I urge you to review Supreme Court history. Hate speech will ALWAYS be protected.

          • Never say “always.” We’re working on it. There is a VERY fine line between hate speech and incitement. Incitement is explicitly NOT protected speech.

            Shapiro is on his tour specifically to incite.

            Also: free speech does NOT guarantee a platform. Let’s at least recognize that fact.

    • Hey Brian, you totalitarian Stalinist. Nice of you to be the one entitled to decide who rates a free speech pass and who doesn’t. Let’s all make this about YOUR opinions and YOUR belief system. Sound good, your Imperial Majesty? Your royal Eminence?

      • Hey Aric Leavitt, you jingo nationalist: nice of you to have anything to say about a community you are not part of. Hate speech is incitement. YAF is a sad joke. Should I call you Mein Fuhrer, or just Massa?

        (P.S. not a Stalinist here, but you can say whatever boogey-straw-man makes your panties juicy.)

      • Name-calling by any side here s childish and stupid. That’s the Trump way and he’s about as uncouth and unprincipled as one could be. Stalin sucks, Hitler sucks, imperialism sucks, royalty sucks, Communism sucks, apartheid sucks, slavery sucks, totalitarianism of every kind SUCKS, TRUMP SUCKS TOO.

        ‘God Save The Queen, The Fascist Regime, They Made You A Moron, A Potential H-Bomb’ – SEX PISTOLS

    • Socialism is destroying Venezuela, socialism has been the death sentence to many nations in the past and people still think its the way to go. No handouts, people need to get out and do what they need to do. No wonder people have gotten soft and so emotional over the slightest bit of truth.

      • random faculty member

        I’m afraid you seem to misunderstand that Venezuela has been a one-party communist dictatorship and not at all a socialist system. You also seem to misunderstand the word socialism and what it means. I’m no socialist, but you are just bringing that word up out of *nowhere* as if it is a boogeyman that you need to attack with a bad example (I wonder who modeled that behavior for you?) The cheap maudlin quip about emotions and truth, which seems to apply more to you than anything, reveal your additional misunderstanding of both.
        This is a college paper thread, try not to embarrass yourself.

      • Socialism is a type of economy. It has roots in Native American nations and even back to the ancient Hebrews. Venezuela is a non-communist dictatorship with a ‘socialist’ economy but the problem is the government itself. Chavez was a self-absorbed scumbag. In many socialist economies the small free ‘mom + pop’ enterprises are encouraged but the big corporations are run by the government. It’s a shame that that word is such a Pavlov dog inducing word because ‘socialist’ and ‘mixed’ economies aren’t the big problem here – it’s the jerks who claim to be serving the people!

    • I am curious about your comment. What precisely has Mr. Shapiro verbalized that you consider bigoted, racist or any other hyperbolic phrase you optate to insert here. Would you please provide the verbal expressions with sources? Where do you get your news? How do you compose your opinions?

      It seems self defeating for a popular speaker to propagate the same abuses he himself experiences on the daily. As a member of the most abused group of people in history, what would motivate him to say the things you claim he says?

      • See my comments elsewhere. I collect data from a wide and diverse array of sources (not Breitbart, sorry) and I compose my opinions based on humanist ethics. You might try it all sometime, you’ll love it!

        You and Shapiro can quit hiding behind the transparent Jewish credibility shield. Shapiro does not represent any segment of the actual Jewish community. He represents extremist right-wing nationalism, it is so painfully obvious. Enjoy being affiliated with THAT.

  2. I was not able to attend. Could you please tell me exactly what he said tonight that was a half-truth or thinly veiled hate speech? Also- is all nationalism perverse or just his?

    • You can read about Mr/ Shapiro yourself. The video from tonight is widely available. Very little of it was factual. Innuendo and insult are not topics worth academic merit. He does not belong at OSU. I recommend not looking at Breitbart or the Daily Wire, for unbiased facts about him, however.

      Yes, all nationalism is perverse. His is especially toxic and repugnant.

      • You must be talking about another Ben Shapiro. The moderate never-Trump Jew is definitely not a nationalist wingnut. He belong at every campus- particularly those with snowflakes like OSU.

        Nationalism saved the Jewish people and kept you from learning German. Enjoy it, anti-Semite filth.

        • Jamie, You clearly do not know a THING about history, Jews, nationalism, or higher education.

          Shapiro (the nationalist wingnut) clearly does not either.

          Funny how you say Shapiro isn’t a nationalist, then you make up some lie to defend nationalism. It’s as hollow as Shapiro’s “conservatism.”

        • Judaism is a religion. ‘Nationalism’ nearly destroyed Judaism in Europe, 6 million Jews dead. And Trump is behaving very much like a ‘nationalist’ Hitler with his bans, stripping citizenships and mass kidnappings of children and holding them in concentration camps. His ‘nationalism’ is DESTROYING America. The Pittsburgh Jewish community told him to GET LOST too. Wonder why? And labeling people as ‘snowflakes’ and ‘wingnuts’ is just a childish exercise.

          • Wait – who did President Trump strip the citizenship from? As kidnapping of children and holding them in concentration camps? You’ve jumped the shark.

            The Pittsburgh Jewish Community never told the President to “get lost” or anything like that. In fact, they welcomed him. The Rabbi Jeffrey Myers in fact said “The President of the United States is always welcome. I am a citizen, he is my president. He is always welcome.”

      • Brian’s feelings are hurt. Someone doesn’t agree with him.

        Brian – please stop commenting so we can get back to work in order to support your socialism idea.

    • I’m curious about this myself. I expect that “Brian” will not have any examples or sources and instead tell us “we can just go search for it ourselves”, which is an exercise in futility, because those statements do not exist.

      It’s also a common ploy that people like him use when they don’t know the answer to the question. He is useless for debating purposes and is instead just an angry boy who gets his news from soundbites, bumper stickers and any group that agrees with him.

      • Katrin, as I’ve stated elsewhere, had you read this thread before knee-jerk posting:

        “Trayvon Martin would have turned 21 today if he hadn’t taken a man’s head and beaten it on the pavement before being shot.” – Ben Shapiro, Feb 5, 2016

        “If you wear your pants below your butt, don’t bend the brim of your cap, and have an EBT card, 0% chance you will ever be a success in life.” – Ben Shapiro, Sep 19, 2011

        “Rodney King found dead at bottom of pool. Must have been Mark Fuhrman and the racist LAPD.” – Ben Shapiro, Jun 17, 2012

        “Israelis like to build. Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage. This is not a difficult issue.” – Ben Shapiro, Sep 27, 2010

        “This is the most important moment in Black American history. Not Martin Luther King, not Frederick Douglass, not the Civil War… The most important thing is that Chadwick Boseman puts claws on his hands and a mask on his face and runs around jumping off cars in CGI fashion.” – Ben Shapiro

        And then Mr. Shapiro produces a horrifyingly overt piece of racist video like this:

        It is no wonder that he draws protesters. He is an extremist provocateur. You can make ALL the assumptions you want about me, but please know that they reflect the person making the assumptions more than anything else.

  3. Would you please give several examples of the “half-truths and thinly veiled hate speech, elitism and perverse nationalism” that you say he traffics? Back up your statement with facts, not feelings, then maybe people will take you seriously.

    • I could make a LONG list of these instances with Mr. Shapiro and so could you. I doubt you would take ANYthing seriously, especially an expose’ on Shapiro’s innuendo and outright lies. The goons supporting him hardly take things seriously. Their casual privilege and disrespect was on full display at this event. If you identify with them, I hope you stay away from my campus, Susan. You don’t belong here. These are absolute facts and not at all mere “feelings.”

      • You don’t need a long list. A few would suffice.

        Oh wait, you’re an NPC and only capable of repeating your programming.

        Carry on. Glad the children on campus didn’t get violent for a political moderate.

        • How about denying racism and saying that trans people are mentally ill? Is that not enough falsehood for you? Not enough hate speech?

          You are the “NPC” whose relevance sums to zero.

          I’m glad you have no idea what the climate on campus is. Stay away, Kev. You don’t belong at an institution of higher learning.

          • Listen carefully. He doesn’t deny racism, but he distinguishes institutionalized racism vs individual racism. In other words, don’t punish the entire race for the actions of the few.

          • “don’t punish the entire race for the actions of the few.”

            You sound worried. Even guilty, perhaps.

          • The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is the comprehensive text which physicians and psychiatrists use to diagnose mental disorders. Transgender people are diagnosed by the most recent version of this manual, the DSM-V, as having a symptom called gender dysphoria.

            Dysphoria means a sense of restlessness, anxiety, dissonance, or distress — the opposite of euphoria. Trans people experience this sense of distress when they experience the difference between their physical body and their gender identity.

            In contrast, eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are part of a condition called body dysmorphic disorder. BDD is a disorder in which one’s perception of their body does not align with reality. People with BDD often experience a cycle of obsessive thoughts about one or more parts of their body which they believe to be flawed. The word dysmorphia itself means malformation, and refers to the person’s perception that their body is somehow malformed. Someone with an eating disorder, then, perceives a part or parts of their body to be overweight, and the obsession over that fact pushes them into a disordered relationship with food.

            Therefore, body dysmorphia causes someone to believe their body is a certain way, while gender dysphoria is a sense that the body should be a different way. People with BDD are not able to see the difference between the way their body is and the way other people see their body, while trans people are able to experience the physical reality of their body and are distraught by how that reality conflicts with their gender identity.

          • random faculty member

            Eric, to clarify: NOT ALL transgender people have that diagnosis. It arises typically when a person is under social pressure to conform to their biological sex, rather than experiencing acceptance of their very normal gender identity.

            To further clarify: Shapiro and the anti-trans hate groups attempt to make the claim that all trans people suffer from dysphoria. That is not true. Guess what one of the best treatments and protective factors is? Transition and/or acceptance of one’s gender identity by one’s social peers and family. Somehow Shapiro and the anti-trans hate groups are blind to that well-documented scientific fact.

          • ‘Shapiro and the anti-trans hate groups attempt to make the claim that all trans people suffer from dysphoria. That is not true. ‘

            ‘ll never understand trans people, even some GLB people I know don’t ‘get it’ but just how many trans people are there out of 8 billion Earthlings? We need to accept people as they are and not quibble and fight over things like this. And racism is never acceptable. Can’t you tell someone who’s OK from that who’s a douchebag?

      • Oh please humor us with these supposed half truths you learned from the young Turks

      • And yet you don’t cite a single example. Just “I could if I really wanted to.” Not conviincing.

        • I’m not convinced that I should waste any more of my time on an extreme right-wing troll.

          I’m glad you’re not an OSU student. Your presence would poison our environment.

          • So anyone who disagrees with you is a “an extreme right-wing troll”. Hilarious.

            By assuming any criticism is the product of extremists, you’ve stuffed yourself into a hermetically sealed box impervious to any challenge.

            Now how about that single example I asked for?

          • Nope, right wing trolls are right wing trolls.

            Guess what? Ben Shapiro is SO infamous that he has a whole wikipedia page devoted to him and his sordid behavior. ANYONE can look him up and learn what he is about – hatespeech and all. I feel no obligation to do your homework for you. You simply don’t want to acknowledge that your icon is a scumbag.

            Too bad for you over there on the wrong side of history. Kindly stay away from my university.

          • Ohio State is owned and primarily paid for by … the state. It’s not YOUR university, it belongs to the people of Ohio in aggregate.

            You have no obligation to do my homework, but likewise people have no obligation to buy into your wild and unsubstantiated claims. If you want to be taken seriously, you’re going to have produce evidence. Your choice entirely.

          • I certainly don’t care if YOU take me seriously. You represent no one. Most other people have already made up their mind about this Shapiro worm.

            Notice: he will have protests EVERYWHERE he goes. You’ll never fix that fact kid, no matter how much you troll college news threads.

          • You keep saying you don’t care what I think and that you shouldn’t waste time on me, and yet you keep responding. How strange.

            I don’t care if he’s protested. I think he’s an interesting speaker, but I’m not a fan of his. I like some of his points, disagree with others. And even if I was a fan. I wouldn’t care if he was protested.

            What is absurd is people like you trying to deplatform people you disagree with.

          • Poison the OSU environment? Or maybe the college environment can lead somebody to learn.

      • Just to let you know, Brian, I am a graduate of OSU and it is and always will be MY university. I am also not right wing. Not a racist or homophobe either.

        • Then why do you support a platform for right-wing extremists who promote right wing racism and homophobia? It is not a legitimate position worthy of academic debate. We closed that chapter in 1945, remember why?

          • I support the right to free speech and assembly. The minute we start prohibiting certain groups then suppression of other rights will follow. I never said I supported a right wing platform. I was expressing the opinion that all should have the right to be heard and then let the listeners make their OWN decisions.

          • No one is violating Shapiro’s “right to free speech.” He has a radio show and a podcast. He has NO right to public university space and the platform that that affords. You are equivocating between having free speech and having a platform. Make up your mind where you stand. No one is denying Shapiro’s rights. We are denying his access to a privileged platform and tuition-funded pay and security. NO ONE has a right to that. Cewrtainly not people who spread hatre speech.

            We’ve listened to him already. We’ve made our decision that he does not belong in a marketplace of ideas because his ideas are backwards garbage. Flat earthers do not get university space. Neither should fascists. Quit defending them. It makes you part of the problem.

          • Brian states, “He has NO right to public university space and the platform that that affords.”, what? You have just lost any tiny shred of credibility you may have left. He has THE SAME right to that space as any other speaker, and more importantly, the student group that invited him has EVERY right to that space. Just because you don’t like the message does not mean you can deny his rights.

          • Your credibility is what is truly lost, John.
            Just because there is a fascist student group, does not afford them the right to use exorbitant tuition money to bring hate speech to a tax-payer funded campus. Again, no one is inviting flat-earthers or anti-vaxers. Shapiro’s message is a good equivalent: discredited. Student-invited guest speakers get turned down ALL THE TIME. It’s not a right to appear on campus. I’m certainly glad YOU’RE not here.

            His free speech was fulfilled with his own private platform.

            Clearly, John, you do not understand the constitution.

      • Even so, Mr. Shapiro, like ALL other Americans, is entitled to free speech. Even IF Shapiro practiced hate speech, it’s his constitutional right to do so. That goes for anyone else. If they want to use hate speech and/or racial slurs, by all means go ahead! It’s 1st amendment protected.

        Anyone who doesn’t believe me, I urge you to look up Supreme Court history. There’s NEVER been a federal ruling which said otherwise. Appellate Court, maybe. But NEVER at the federal level. And what the Supreme Court says applies to the whole nation. So yes, hate speech along with all racial slurs are protected.

        • random faculty member

          Shapiro’s overt hate speech is VERY close to the “intent, imminence, and likelihood” standard set up by Brandenburg v. Ohio for speech that is incitement to break laws. Shapiro KNOWS he is skating close the the line. So does everyone else.

          This is why he tries to cleanse his image and culpability for his hate speech in soft defensive language and appear to be some kind of “non-violent conservative.” It is plain for all to see that the content of his rhetoric is far from that. Many of his followers are violent white supremacist goons as we clearly witnessed in the Union on Tuesday. They are only holding back for now. YAF and Shapiro may have gotten the attention they wanted, but do they really want the attention they deserve?

          • Professor Edmiston is that you? lol dude was there any white supremacist goons at all? I don’t think we are talking about the same event. What were they doing that was so abhorrent?

          • random faculty member

            I don’t know Edmiston, but I clearly witnessed verbal harassment and intimidation (verbal and physical) and threats aimed at LGBTQ students and people of color as well as physical shoving on the part of several white male students who were supporters of Shapiro.

            They were joined by at three known members of a local neo-nazi group who shoved their way through the crowd to join them. This is the environment Shapiro creates. It is disgusting. Don’t worry, though. We have their photographs and lots of video.

          • There’s no such thing as “incitement to imminent violence.” What incites someone largely depends on individual temperament. Some people are incited by mere cuss words. Back in high school, I knew people who got incited to use violence simply by someone calling them “idiot” or “moron.”

            Which goes to show how ambiguous that phrase is. Also, you seem to have misunderstood Brandenburg v. Ohio. This case gives us the right to say anything, as long as it is not phrased in a DIRECT threat. However, indirect threats are protected by this court ruling.

  4. Facts dont care about your feelings Bry guy. As far as a goons are concerned, I think the antifa protestors fit that label a lot more than the conservatives in attendance. How about next time instead of shouting the same 5 chants over and over you actually go debate him. Might force you to actually get off that npc script of yours. In the meantime I’ll see you around my campus.

    • He can’t be debated with that level of security because he is an intellectual coward. He’s not there to debatre anyhow. He was there to provoke AS STATED by the fascist YAF fools.

    • (Not really YOUR campus, when your bigot idols have to run behind security and get protested whenever they speak. Too bad for you, there is no real legitimate debate with fascist extremists. Enjoy being isolated on OUR campus, where we operate and debate openly and without metal detectors and massive security to hide behind. Even a few reactionary goons do not frighten us. What you saw was disgust. Get used to it.)

      • Brian–you’re the problem. You think you’re better than those you label as bigots and extremists, but here you are refusing to have a real discussion while claiming that a state University belongs to “your” group. You’re preaching a modern-day form of segregation, but instead of race you’re basing it on political beliefs. I don’t think you truly understand the point of being at an institution of higher learning at all. It’s about having disagreements, but talking about them honestly and with respect. By doing that both parties can come away more enlightened….without it you’re just an internet troll on a college newspaper comment board.

        • You’re the real problem here, “Ron Mexico.” I *AM* better than those bigots and extremists because I’m not trying to promote hate speech and ignorance. There is no “discussion” to be had with Shapiro and his proto-Hitlers. The segregation is preached by these goons against trans people, Palestinians, and women. Fascist political beliefs had a proper response in 1945 and it was settled then. No need for promoting that kind of violent ignorance at a University, even if it is thinly veiled as some kind of “conservatism” for legitimacy. WHY should anyone respect them? There is nothing enlightening that they have to offer. Just. Like. You. Troll.

      • Good thing the protestors were a bunch of 40 year old homeless people and not students. Are you honestly proud that your fascist protestors attempt to silence anyone with a dissenting opinion? You debate openly? If opposition is being oppressed who are you debating? Are you debating who has the least effective form of socialism? Your side is showing itself to be just as ugly as the “alt-right” and it will only serve to mobilize more people against limp wristed cowards like you.

        • Good thing that you don’t know anything about the protesters. I noticed that the Shapiro supporters were largely white frat boys with overt and REAL fascist sympathy (and true linp-wristed cowardice). Your cheap centrist “just as bad as the alt-right” only reveals how close to the alt-right you really are.

          There is no legitimate debate or conversation to be had with *ACTUAL* fascists. That seems to include you.

          • “Actual fascists”? Please. It’s because of left-wing politicians that our states FORCE us to attend public school until we’re 18, and make it super hard to drop out. People like President Kennedy, a liberal, made it worse by encouraging a MANDATORY physical education program in all public schools.

            As if that wasn’t bad enough, the left-wing Supreme Court eliminated the Bill of Rights in the public school setting. So yes, our “great” country forces our youth to attend public school, get bullied by peers and teachers, spend their nights working on unnecessary projects and/or studying for unnecessary tests, all while not having any rights.

            Then we wonder why our public schools are failing. Maybe if you guys didn’t FORCE us to do things, we would have more of an INCENTIVE to do so.

          • Fascism is a right-wing ideology *BY DEFINITION*.
            Keep showing your level of education, Joe.

            It sounds like someone couldn’t handle school. You very obviously don’t UNDERSTAND the value of education.

            Free education for all is here to stay. Jaded a little, Joey?

  5. ““I’m not really one to say that one should have their free speech suppressed, but I think it presents somewhat of a danger to a lot of the people at the school who feel that his messages are typically targeted at them and targets violence and harassment at them,” Wagner said.”

    Yet another “I believe in free speech but…” comment. Can Wagner cite a single statement by Shapiro that encourages violence or harassment?

    • Overtly denying racism and sayint that trans people have a mental disorder is not enough violent and harassing hate speech for you.

      That says a lot.

      • 1. No one, not even Shapiro, denies racism exists. That alone makes your response absurd.

        2. Nothing you said rises to the level of encouraging violence and harassment.

        We must have the freedom to question and criticize each other, and that includes transgenders. If we interpret mere criticism as encouraging violence — thus justifying censorship — then that freedom evaporates.

        I’ve read many essays criticizing “toxic whiteness” and “toxic masculinity” lately. Are we to disallow such views because they might encourage violence and harassment of whites and males?

        • 1. A quote from the horse’s mouth: “The idea that black people in the United States are disproportionately poor because America is racist; that’s just not true.”

          2. You did not witness his provacateur goons in the Union yesterday. His supporters are EXPLICITLY supporting violence, and he is encouraging them.

          You are defending hateful bigots. You’re not worth my time, or the time of my university.

          • 1. Shapiro does not deny racism exists. Rather he denies that racism is a major cause of black poverty.

            2. So now it’s not Shapiro who encourages violence, but his “goons”. Your story keeps shifting. Do you have a video showing his supporters encouraging violence? Do you have a quote of Shapiro encouraging them?

            3. You keep saying I’m not worth spending time over, and yet here you are wasting time.

      • Racism exists. Obama got more flak than any previous POTUS. Trump kidnaps ethnic children and puts them in concentration camps and he intends to detain them until they DIE. That’s racism.

        ‘Gender identity disorder’ is listed as that, ‘cured by transitioning’. I don’t quite ‘get it’ but it’s stupid to persecute something that you don’t understand. And WHO NEXT is going to on TrumpHitler’s list? You? Me?

  6. And there we see a huge difference between conservatives and liberals. If conservatives don’t like a speaker, they just don’t go. If liberals don’t like a speaker then they attempt to keep everyone from going through protests, disruptions, you name it.

    • “Conservatives” have no principles and wouldn’t care in an overt fascist came to speak. I saw the protests. None of them were “liberals.” You need better definitions, John.

      • No they were leftists and they were trying to bait observers into a physical altercation whilst trying to suppress the free speech of others. The only fascists in the building were the ones ironically protesting fascism

        • nah, the irony is when right-wing extremist sympathizers like Mark try to somehow paint anti-fascists as “fascists.” The only real fash at the Union yesterday was Ben Shapiro, his frat boy goons, and their advocacy for *ACTUAL* fascist ideology like depriving people of human rights and disguising hate speech as “free speech.” It’s an ironic joke and it’s on you, Mark.

          • You are aware that Antifa tries to suppress people, political opponents, that they disagree with through violence and fear, right?

          • You are aware that antifa only does that to people ALREADY engaged in those activities, right? You know: denying human rights and autonomy to people, etc. Perhaps you ignore the fear that people like Shapiro instill in the LGBTQ community, ot even just women with the sick ideology that he promotes. Get your priorities straight and quit defending actual fascism by trying to deflect on the only people who actualy oppose fascism.

  7. This headline needs to be changed. Democratic Socialists are not liberals. They don’t like to be called liberals. The headline is PHENOMENALLY misleading, therefore.

    Please consider changing for greater accuracy.

  8. Ben Shapiro is the ignorant man’s idea of a smart man.

  9. Tolerance includes understanding that others may have different opinions/views then you, and accepting that fact. Libs can’t tolerate different opinions/views, and instead start pulling the “ist” cards, racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobist, etc. Oh, and now whats becoming the worst: nationalist…

    • If the “ist” fits, wear it. Intolerance of the intolerant is to be commended not shunned.

      • Then that makes you Antifa.

      • When “ist” fits, yes. But when it doesn’t, but is just used in an attempt to quiet or undermine someone’s views, then the accuser is worse then the accused.

        • John, your false equivalence does not hold. Shapiro is an intolerable fascist who deserves no platform that he does not already afford himself. Opposing his hateful and ultimately violent ideology is right, ethical, and noble. Just because his violence is by proxy and policy does not make it any less abhorrent and disgusting.

          As Scott told you, if the “ist” fits, you’re going to wear it.

          • Brain, reading your posts you’ve pretty much labelled everyone that attended as a fascist homophobic racist, you are as much the problem as Shapiro is.

          • John: thank you for recognizing Shapiro as a problem.
            My work is done here. Thank you for participating.

  10. Brian – Thanks for the humor you have posted here today. It has been refreshing to read just how juvenile a person of your political bent (TRUE fascism) can be. It has reinforced my own political beliefs. Now go back to your sandbox and play.

    • The joke is on you, DrBob. It has been refreshing to read just how desperate the far right is to try to normalize their dead ideology (TRUE fascism by every accepted definition except yours, apparently). Your political beliefs are just your head in the sand. Reinforce that all you like, your head is STILL in the sand. Shapiro is not gaining followers that weren’t already sticking their heads in the sad sorry sands of ignorance.

      Stay there, where you belong. At least you’re not on my campus! You have nothing to offer us.

      • Baby Brian — I AM on OUR campus! I hope this sends chills down your back, all the way to your wet diapers.

        • Nah, I’m not afraid of failing students and poor educators.

          That’s -1 for OSU because of you.
          All of the work that I do countermands every effort of yours to embarrass OSU.

          What is it like being an ideological minority? Do you have to stay in that safe bubble? Must be lonely! The Shapiro event must have been one of the rare times that diseases all congregate in one place.

          • The only embarrassment to this school is intolerant people like you. What good work do you do for the school Brian? Your attempts to demonize right leaning individuals as fascist will only drive more people to get involved in conservative causes. Lol ideological minority? That would be you bro, even liberal people on this page are against your special brand of far left fascism. More and more young people are coming up conservative and you’re going to have to deal with that reality. I certainly don’t feel ostracized as I walk about campus in my Reagan tshirt but feel free to come up to me and say something if you feel. I for one am proud that my tuition and tax dollars went to giving Shapiro a platform. Say I’m a minority all you want..say I’m fascist all you want ( though you don’t even use it properly) I dont ever feel unsafe or unwelcome so you’re either wrong or too cowardly to call conservatives out. Peace

          • The “right leaning individuals” smear themselves with their embrace of nationalist fascist ideology.

            There is no reason for anyone to tolerate right wing intolerance. The irony of that paradox is something you must have missed.

            I do A LOT of amazing work for the university community. Teaching critical thinking is one of them. Not many right wing extremists thrive in my department. They all cheat through their exams in marketing or business. Yes, they are a minority. Fewer and fewer young people are “coming up conservative” because those ideas are bankrupt and get exposed as the fraud that they are with BASIC training in critical thinking. THAT is the reality that you seem to be detached from. I’m certain you are probably blind to it in your frat house.

            Calling you a fascist is the most perfectly proper thing ever said by anyone ever. Apparently you don’t get out much.

            OF COURSE a privileged white male does not feel “unsafe or unwelcome!” (The times they are a-changin’ son. I promise.) Your fash buddy Shapiro certainly was not perceived as welcome on campus yesterday – look at the media reports. It was CLEARLY not a warm welcome by the university. PLUS we got photo ID of all the goons that showed up for him in the union. Are you the Mark that I’m thinking of? If so, we’ve got your number, friend. Keep wearing that Ray-gun shirt, mmk? Probably most people just assume you’re trying to be ironic. No one is really so stupid as to think Ray-gun was some great thing or whatever, right?

            P.S. Ray-gun is dead and was an embarrassment to the nation. Just like Shapiro, just like right-wing ideology. Just like you, child.

            Don’t you have some raping to do at a keg party?

          • Brian:

            I didn’t appreciate the extent of your delusions until I read that post. You are utterly untethered from reality.

          • It must be noted that Reagan/Ray-Gun and Gorby settled the Cold War by peaceful means – glastnost, dialog. NO WAR. Anybody remember that?
            Now we have this obnoxious baboon who sucks up to Vlad Putin and threatens WWIII with his irresponsible immature motormouth. Trump got into the WH with Russian hacker help, he’s a traitor. he wants to pull out of the agreements Reagan and Gorbachev made in the 80s. Trump kidnaps children and puts them in concentration camps. He incites hatred and violence – note how NO ONE invited him to any funeral, wedding, whatever because HE CAN’T BEHAVE LIKE A MAN. Trump is a fascist and a wimpy whiny SPANKEE BOY to boot. He’s not even worth talking to! Has Shapiro advocated for or acted as uncouth as Traitor Spankee Boy Donald Douchebag?

          • Also to note, Brian and Mark: has Ben Shapiro ever blubbered lustfully about his daughter? Has he ever said he wants to MARRY her? Trump has on TV! I can’t admire or respect ANYONE who advocates incest or molesting. That’s sick and just plain disgusting and WRONG.

  11. Brian, it appears that your major isn’t in history, is it? Actually watch his podcasts please, specifically “The Tree Of Life.” Does he represent the Far Right, who was once the democratic party a century and a half ago? You tell me, but first watch his podcast, it takes no more than an hour. And while you’re at it, tell me what history bears shame, relating to the “Bigoted Ignorant Individual.”

    • Begging me to watch a Shapiro podcast? What desperation to spread his message. I’ve seen it. I’ll spare anyone else the waste of time. It is unfounded and vague hand-waving and thinly veiled innuendo. (AKA complete garbage.) Yes Shapiro, YAF, and their extremist lemmings are Far Right. A long discredited ideology.

      Just for clarity: you are defending the Far Right. The shame is ALL yours, even if you refuse to see it. I promise.

  12. random faculty member

    Fact: YAF is an embarrassment to OSU.
    Bring on the fragile right wing trolls in 3…2…1…

  13. I did a little research on Mr. Shapiro.

    “Trayvon Martin would have turned 21 today if he hadn’t taken a man’s head and beaten it on the pavement before being shot.” – Ben Shapiro, Feb 5, 2016

    “If you wear your pants below your butt, don’t bend the brim of your cap, and have an EBT card, 0% chance you will ever be a success in life.” – Ben Shapiro, Sep 19, 2011

    “Rodney King found dead at bottom of pool. Must have been Mark Fuhrman and the racist LAPD.” – Ben Shapiro, Jun 17, 2012

    “Israelis like to build. Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage. This is not a difficult issue.” – Ben Shapiro, Sep 27, 2010

    “This is the most important moment in Black American history. Not Martin Luther King, not Frederick Douglass, not the Civil War… The most important thing is that Chadwick Boseman puts claws on his hands and a mask on his face and runs around jumping off cars in CGI fashion.” – Ben Shapiro

    And then Mr. Shapiro produces a horrifyingly overt piece of racist video like this:

    It has become pretty clear why this man is being proterted everywhere.

    Shame on YAF. They are a stain and a smear on the OSU community.

    • I’m sorry but not one of those statements were racist they just hurt your wittle feewings. How was the black Panther comment racist? Or martin one? It’s TRUE its damn true that travon martin certainly was no saint. And yes if you are wearing below your waist you’re not likely to be successful. Are all the faculty at this school as stupid as you?

      • You are blind to the racism that you benefit from. It is sad and shamefully pathetic. I pity your family, especially your parents. Of course, they’re probably just like you, I bet.

        Are ALL the fratboys as wantonly ignorant as you? Just curious.

        Enjoy having your idols continuously and forever protested. The cognitive dissonance must be physically painful, is it? Also curious about that.

        (P.S. still totally laughing at you.)

        • Please tell me how anything there is racist. Is it not true that Martin Luther King is more significant than Black Panther? Good movie and all but come on. Do you just refer to everyone on here as a white frat boy? Do you not think minorities can form unique political opinions or do you just not care about minorities with different opinions than you? Seems like you’re the real racist here…
          Ooh I was waiting for the ol “cognitive dissonance ” to come into play, a favorite among psuedo intellectuals like yourself when they have no argument. Just like insults:) but I guess I dont mind coming back at ya with those. I’m sure my speakers will be protested if a few uneducated people like you continue to get offended by reality. Hope that gender studies degree threats you well out in the real world.

          • You know very well the context of that racist comment and the VERY overt racist connotations.

            Nice try to turn your racism around, but nope, none of your cheap assumptions about me hold water. They say A LOT more about you and your insecurities, Jordan. You’re the real racist. I’m not defending Shapiro OR his disgusting comments.

            Still laughing at you, fratboy.

          • No I would like you to explain it to me. Who are you to say what he was implying with that statement? I dont think you actually know how those statements are offensive. Sad!

            Laughing at you soy boy lol

          • Why should I bother to explain ANYthing to an obviously racist and hateful fratboy? You’ll just dodge, and equivocate, and change the subject, and deny evidence, and throw personal insults just like when you and your frat goons gathered in the Union on Tuesday. NO ONE cares what you think and I doubt anyone is reading this thread anymore.

            We’ll just laugh at each other, I guess.

            Go ahead, and post some more misguided personal insults. It reveals your psychology quite clearly.

        • That is what I thought. No knowledge of why anything there is racist. Ps I meant nationally everyone laughs at people like you. Keep on wasting that tuition money on dumb liberal arts classes though. Maybe one day I’ll have you clean my car for me one day.

          • Wow, what a fantasy world you live in.
            Keep making assumptions too. You’re so far off the mark that it provides me with the entertainment that I seek by triggering you snowflake cuckservatives. It’s a joke. It’s on you & you don’t even realize it!

    • Brian – Note one of the quotes you attributed to Ben Shapiro. “Israelis like to build. Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage. This is not a difficult issue.” – Ben Shapiro, Sep 27, 2010

      We were in Israel and Jordan the last two weeks of last month (October, in case you forgot). We were in Israel, we were in the West Bank, we were in Jordan. In every case, most parts of Israel proper were neat and clean. In every case, the Arab parts – especially the West Bank – were strewn with trash. The city of Jericho was the worst we saw. In case your geography is lacking (along with a lot of other talents), Jericho is in the West Bank, near Jordan. It is an Arab-predominant city. Trash, grocery bags, empty cans, old tires were everywhere, nearly completely covering the ground. Even right up against the houses. Not just in the fields, but everywhere. It was disgusting.

      As Shaprio said, this is not a difficult issue. For whatever reason, the Arab areas in Israel, the West Bank and in Jordan just don’t seem to get the issue of picking up after yourself. From all appearances, they seemed to like living in filth. The single exception was the capital city of Amman, Jordan. Our Jordanian guide even admitted to the remarkable difference in trash between the two areas – Israeli-dominated vs Arab-dominated.

      But I would not expect you to admit to truth and reality.

      • Jeez DrBob, for having visited apartheid conditions you sure seem not to realize that they are CREATED by the dominant power! When you are not permitted to have essential infrastructure or security, what do you THINK is going to happen to your neighborhood?

        Israel created those conditions that you saw. It’s called oppression.

        I wouldn’t expect a racist to admit to truth and reality.

        • And did Israel create those conditions of filth and trash in Jordan? Is Israel REALLY the dominant power in Jordan? I totally agree with your last statement that you would not expect a racist to admit to truth and reality. You just revealed the racist that you are. Not only in this, but all other of your posts. You are not able to admit to truth and reality.

          Juvenile behavior, indeed.

          • The juvenile behavior and racism is all yours, ‘DrBob.’ Israel is the dominant power in the REGION. They have nuclear capability, and US backing. You can switch to any local neighborhood and see the results of US/Israeli imperial policy.

            I get it: you want to hate Arabs. That much is obvious. (And shameful.) Racists like uyou typically try as hard as possible to deflect that racism onto those who confront you, but it invariably fails.

        • Brian – This is actually getting both fun and funny. So, by your “logic”, because a neighboring country (Israel, in this case) has a nuclear bomb and is the “dominant power” in the region, the locals in another country (Jordan, in this case) do not pick up their trash? That is really funny. Not logical, but funny.

          Responding to your rants reminds me of when we had outside cats and they would corner a chipmunk. The cat would toy with the chipmunk for a while, playing with it, before pouncing on it and eating it. I think I just ate you with that above reply to you!

          I’m beginning to believe that all that you are posting here is just made-up for fun. I really can not believe that a place like THE Ohio State would admit a student of your low level of impaired logic. A disgruntled student from That University Up North, perhaps? Nah, not even they are desperate enough to admit someone as logically-impaired as you are.

          But thanks for the laughs.

          • Keep projecting your insecurities and assumptions, Bobby.

            Perhaps someday, you’ll realize that the joke is totally 100% on you.

            P.S. Shapiro is still a bigoted scum in the eyes of everyone except his lemming followers. Nothing yuou can do will ever change that. Certainly not by showing how anti-intellectual you are on a college newspaper thread.

            Nice life.

          • U Michigan is MUCH better than Ohio State in terms of academics.

        • Well, I see that you failed to respond to my post in a logical manner. Yet again. Rather, you just degenerated, yet again, into non-sequitors and name-calling. I strongly suggest that you enroll, if you are indeed a student here (shame on OSU in that case) in PHILOS 1500.01.

          Just for humorous curiosity, how did my previous reply “project [my] insecurities and assumption”? What are those insecurities and assumptions? And, specifically, what is the “joke that is totally 100% on [me]”? I did chuckle over your repetitive redundancy in stating “totally 100%”. In case you can’t figure that out, “totally” = “100%”.

          Finally, I know who the bigoted scum is, and it is not Ben Shapiro. You have exposed yourself for who you are and what you stand for. Bigotry, insecurity, terror, bias and prejudice.

          And just like our outdoor cats, I ate you yet again.

          • Well DrBob ,

            I see that you failed to respond to my post in a logical manner. Yet again. Rather, you just degenerated, yet again, into non-sequitors and name-calling. I strongly suggest that you enroll, if you are indeed a student here (shame on OSU in that case) in PHILOS 1500.01.

            You neither impress nor surprise me with your paranoid defense of the bigoted scum Shapiro.

            You have exposed yourself for who you are and what you stand for. Bigotry, insecurity, terror, bias and prejudice.

            See how that works, kid?

    • Awful jokes. Not funny at all.

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