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Jurassic campus: Dinosaur arrives at Orton Hall

Crowdfunding might not have brought dinosaurs back from extinction but it did bring a cryolophosaurus to Orton Geological Museum. The cryolophosaurus was originally discovered in Antarctica by Ohio State professor emeritus Dr. David Elliot in 1991. After fundraising that began in March 2017 brought in ...

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Ohio State ups its gym dress code enforcement

Recreation centers across campus are more clearly enforcing Ohio State’s Office of Student Life Recreational Sports dress code policy, with signs appearing in facilities across campus. Though the policy is being enforced and noticed more often now, it is not new. The apparel guidelines, for ...

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119 bikes stolen on campus over two years

Bicycle theft is the No. 1 reported type of property theft on college campuses, according to the National Bike Registry. Ohio State is no exception. To reduce the prevalence of bike thefts across the city, Columbus launched the Bug Your Bike program in 2015, an ...

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Ohio Republicans introduce campus free-speech bill

Ohio State students aren’t the only group of people concerned about free speech on campus. Ohio House Republicans Wes Goodman and Andrew Brenner announced the Campus Free Speech Act in a press conference on Tuesday morning at the Ohio Statehouse, which seeks to further protect ...

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