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Bridalplasty’ marries the ills of society

Most women start planning their weddings years in advance. They search for the perfect dress, the best disc jockey and the most impressive reception hall. But none of that really matters unless you have some liposuction and breast augmentation before tying the knot, right?

Well, that’s the message “Bridalplasty,” a reality show on E!, sends to viewers. The series, which premiered last Sunday, follows brides-to-be as they compete to win plastic surgery procedures. Yeah, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

My roommate was flipping through the channels last Sunday night and landed on the show, and I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Twelve girls were racing to complete a puzzle to win a syringe, which was the pass to an exclusive “injectables party.” If this is how the show starts, I can’t imagine where it will end.

Of course, all the girls featured on the show rattled off a laundry list of procedures they believe they need to be the “perfect” brides. Although I’m guilty of watching the first episode out of intrigue and disbelief, it will be the first and last time I waste my time on the show. It’s easily the most repulsive and creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.

Not only does the show send the message that a woman’s worth is based only on her physical appearance, but also that it’s her duty to attain the highest level of beauty possible by any means. The featured brides-to-be are all capable of finding body imperfections that aren’t there — many of the women are in good physical shape, and only one contestant is over the age of 30. When average-looking viewers see that even these young and attractive women are capable of finding faults, how will they feel about their own bodies?

It’s sad that these women have grown up in a world where so much importance is placed on their appearance, but it’s even more disgraceful that E! has taken advantage of their low self-esteem to air this show.

But “Bridalplasty” doesn’t just do a good job at humiliating women, it also undercuts the whole tradition of marriage. The show’s website features a bride holding a disturbing bouquet of syringes. Forget marrying for love, “Bridalplasty” suggests the aisle way is reserved for only those who are made of and injected with plastic — it’s the only way you can have a dream wedding, after all. Many believe that same-sex marriage will lessen the sanctity of unity, but what message is this show sending about the tradition?  

There is still hope for Americans, as only 900,000 tuned in for the first episode. I think many will be put-off after watching about two seconds of the show, and it will hopefully be pulled off air after one season. Many bizarre reality shows stick around for laughs, but this is even too sad for that.

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