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Gateway extends student discounts to faculty and staff

The Gateway Film Center is extending its BuckID discount. Now, Ohio State faculty and staff can also receive $6 movie tickets. In addition, up to three immediate family members of faculty, staff or students who present their BuckID or Medical Center identification are also eligible for the discount.

“This is something we want to extend to the entire Ohio State community,” said Meghan Vesper, Gateway Film Center’s sales and marketing manager.

The Gateway Film Center will not require identification for family members of students, staff or faculty.

The film center has recently added upgraded screens so 3-D films can be shown in every theater. As with regular tickets, a $3 charge for 3-D showings will be added.

The decision to lower prices might be surprising, considering the recent upgrades done to every theater in the complex. Vesper said the cost of the upgrades did not deter the extension of the discount.

“We’re excited for the OSU community to utilize our new technology,” Vesper said.

The Gateway Film Center is one of the two major movie theaters in the campus area, the other being the AMC Lennox Town Center.

“We are doing this so that we can be the theater OSU faculty, staff and students want to go to,” Vesper said.

However, price does not seem to have an effect on some faculty and staff. Population research center manager Susan Pennington said she would not sacrifice safety for price.

“I’d rather go to the Lennox, even if I had to pay more,” Pennington said. “It’s much safer and it’s free to park.”

Irene Delic, a professor of Russian literature, says the discount are better spent on students.

“Give the students a bigger discount,” Delic said. “The faculty for the most part can afford it and they will come either way,”

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