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OSU student orgs collaborate to revive Buckeye Banner Contest

Bianca Briggs / Lantern photographer

Two student organizations at Ohio State are reviving a tradition from the 1960s and 1970s to promote school spirit during Beat Michigan Week.

The Off-Campus Student Services Community Ambassadors and the OSU Sportsmanship Council collaborated with the Beat Michigan Week Committee to create the Buckeye Banner Contest.

“People would hang banners off of their houses around Beat Michigan Week, and whether or not they were full of sportsmanship back then, that’s kind of what we’re going for this year,” said Jeremy Dolan, co-director of the community ambassador program and a third-year in criminology.

“It wasn’t really organized like it is now,” said Nick Dominique, co-director of the community ambassador program and a fourth-year in comparative studies. “I think it just kind of died out.”

The contest is an OSU-wide event, drawing participants from residence halls, off-campus housing and Greek housing.

The contest emphasized a certain set of points pertaining to the community ambassador and sportsmanship council’s ideals.

The community ambassadors’ points were Buckeye pride and their 43201 initiative, which includes building a safe community and getting to know neighbors.

Sportsmanship Council’s points were never miss ramp, wear scarlet, cheer loud, support all 36, stay for Carmen and respect all traditions.

Participants were responsible for purchasing their own full-size bed sheet and decoration supplies.

Furthermore, all off-campus participants were required to get permission from their landlord before hanging the banners.

Dolan said the community ambassadors were “hoping to get a hold of as many landlords as possible” to let them know about the contest.

Participants were told they’d be disqualified for negative signs that didn’t promote friendly rivalry and sportsmanship.

“We don’t want ‘muck fichigan’ and things of the sort,” Dolan said. “That’s why we’re teaming up with the sportsmanship council to get Buckeye pride but not negative or derogatory things being said on the banners.”

Registration began Nov. 15, and the contest closed Saturday. A panel of judges chose the top three banners Sunday. The panel consisted of two judges from the community ambassadors program and two judges from the sportsmanship council.

The winning banners belong to residents of 61 E. 12th Ave., 1776 Summit St. and 31 E. 16th Ave. and will be displayed on campus this week.

One banner will be in the Ohio Union, and two banners will be in the RPAC, Dolan said.

“So far people think it’s a cool idea,” said Catie Gmeiner, vice president of the OSU Sportsmanship Council and a fourth-year in marketing. “We want to bring back an old tradition from OSU.”


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