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Tim and Eric come to Columbus

Pusswhip Banggang, Chrimbus and Neil Hamburger.

That bizarre set of words will come together this weekend when Adult Swim comedy duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim (better known simply as Tim and Eric) bring their latest tour to Columbus.

Tim and Eric’s tour, “Tim and Eric Awesome Tour, Great Job! Chrimbus Spectacular 2010,” will stop at Newport Music Hall at 7 p.m. Saturday.

The tour, which kicked off Nov. 1 and will end Dec. 5 in Atlanta, will be a fast-paced variety show. The performance will also feature short films, parodies and pranks. Comedian Neil Hamburger will open.

Also featured will be clips from Tim and Eric’s upcoming one-hour television special, “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Chrimbus Special,” set to air Dec. 5 on Adult Swim.

The show will feature most of the zany staples from “Awesome Show” but will also feature musical performances from Tim and Eric’s band, Pusswhip Banggang.

“We’re rock ‘n’ rollers at heart,” Heidecker said in a phone interview with The Lantern.

Tim and Eric hit the road after the fifth season — or Season Cinco, as it’s officially titled — of “Awesome Show” ended in May.

The last episode of Season Cinco is believed to be the show’s series finale. However, the duo said that might not be so.

“Who said it’s over?” Wareheim said.

After the tour wraps up, Tim and Eric will hit the big screen in “Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie,” set for release sometime in 2011. The film will begin shooting in March and is being produced by Will Ferrell’s production company, Gary Sanchez Productions.

The cast lined up for the film packs some star power, if the billing provided by Wareheim is accurate.

Tom Cruise, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus and Dan Aykroyd, among others, are all set to star, he said.

The pair was reluctant to divulge much about the film other than “there’s a lot of action,” Wareheim said.

After the film is finished and a potential tour in the U.K. is complete, Wareheim said anything’s bound to happen with “Awesome Show.”

“We might come back and make another season,” he said. “We love that show.”

In the meantime, Tim and Eric are set to entertain Columbus crowds.

“Columbus is one of our favorite towns,” Wareheim said. “I’ve played there a lot growing up in punk rock bands, so when we come back there, it’s very special to us.”

Coming to Columbus — and the campus area packed with more than 56,000 college students — makes sense considering Adult Swim’s young chief demographic.

Tim and Eric have made tour stops in Columbus as recently as last January at the Newport.

College students take to Tim and Eric’s brand of humor because they’re at an experimental point in their lives, Heidecker said.

“Their mind is open to all sorts of new ideas,” he said. “That’s why you have these alternative classes like ‘Pluralism in American Society’ and those kinds of studies, those sort of experimental, alternative viewpoints on life.”

However, Tim and Eric’s style isn’t for everyone.

The absurd, borderline-surrealistic parody of public access television featured in “Awesome Show” is love-it-or-hate-it for viewers, though Heidecker is OK with the show’s detractors.

“They’re entitled to their own opinions,” he said.

But for fans of Tim and Eric planning to catch Saturday’s show, Heidecker does have one wish.

“Everybody in Columbus should bring pepperoni pizzas to the show,” he said. “Stack ‘em up high.”

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